A Studio Crawl Event


Indy's most unique fitness experience opening it's doors to over 14 studios/gyms, 5 special guests and 50+ classes over 3 days.  All locations are offering full length classes ranging from 30-60 min where you can experience the atmosphere and instructors that inspire us the most. It's about making fitness fun again, exploring your city and treating your body and mind right.

Water Workouts, Pilates Reformer, Bootcamp, Barre, Hot Yoga, Dance, Rowing, Boxing, Ariel Silks and more. For beginners to advanced enthusiasts.

All levels welcome. 

Find the workout that speaks to you, gets you out of your comfort zone and lights you up. Fitness doesn't have to feel like a chore. It can be something you look forward to.

Plus, do good while feeling good. Ten percent of profits will benefit Friends of Indianapolis Animal Care Services.

Will you join me?

What You Get

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An Experience

You discover something you can get down with on the regular. A spot you plan to come back to. Fun at each spot. You meet new friends and look forward to what’s next. You won’t want to miss it!


Weekend Pass

A $45 three-day, $35 two-day or $25 one-day pass to try out as many classes as you want. Barre, Boxing, Water Yoga/HIIT, Ariel Silks, Reformer, Bootcamp, Hot Yoga, and so much more.

Giving Back

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We care about the world and all the beautiful people, places and animals that make it go round. For every ticket sold, 10% of the proceeds will be given to an organization that tugs at our heart strings.

Friends of Indianapolis Animal Care Services Foundation

Join us for onsite animal adoptions and a dog walk at Metazoa Brewing on Saturday October 20th to share our way of life with foster pups who need your love. Sign up in schedule.

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The Schedule

TIP: To see schedule by the location, select the Schedule drop down in the top left and select BY VENUE.

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Participating Locations

Pure Barre Indy - FireEye Fitness - Just Ride Cycling - National Institute for Fitness and Sport - Downtown Indy YMCAs - Fishers YMCA - CYCLEBAR - Shred415 - SolidCore - Reforming Indy - Cirque Indy - The Hot Room Downtown - The Bar Method - Maria Romaine Brace - Rebecca Jacobson - Emily Phillips - Julie Voris - Indy Acro Yoga


Unique Experience Locations



Don’t Miss Out!



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The 2017 Fitness Festival was the perfect opportunity for me to easily try out gyms and classes around the city. I chose a class I’d normally never take (trapeze), a class that sounded super fun (aerial silks) and one I’d been interested in trying for awhile (boxing). Besides loving the physical component of each class, I had so much fun mingling and meeting new people! It was also a completely painless way to try out a new class because I knew most of the attendees were new to it as well. As a direct result of the Festival, I joined FireEye Fitness and am addicted to their classes!
— Jenn
If you missed the Indy fitness festival the first time around don’t miss out the next time! I LOVED it. So much fun to get moving and do things I normally wouldn’t do with friends that build you up and inspire you to work harder. FIT, FREE and happy is such a huge motivator! Good job doing life right!
— Lindsey J.
I really enjoyed the Indy Fitness Fest last October. The wide variety in the selection of classes was great. I was able to get in classes from strength, cardio, core to yoga during the weekend.
It was fun to meet so many active, energetic people who love to workout. Acro Yoga definitely got me out of my comfort zone and I was able to accomplish some stances that looked impossible at first. Looking forward to participating in future events that FIT, FREE and happy organizes!
— Tom
The Indy Fitness Festival was a wonderful experience! I loved being able to try out multiple studios in downtown Indy and meeting like-minded fitness fanatics! My favorite studio was Cirque Indy where I was able to attend both the intro to aerial skills and fundamental static trapeze classes. I’ve since joined Fire Eye Fitness and attend weekly with the friends I made during the fitness festival!
— Rebecca
A few years ago I was introduced to CrossFit, Hitt and Tabata classes which I instantly fell in love with the variety of workouts. In October I signed up for the Indy Fitness Festival to try something new. I tried various new classes I would never tried otherwise. Through this experience I fell in love with Hot Room Inferno and TRX which we experienced NIFS. Not only did I discover new fitness workouts that I love I met some really great friends through this experience! This was an amazing experience and I’ll definitely be back!
— Diana
The Indy Fitness Festival was so much fun and I highly recommend it to all! It was great to try out some different classes outside of my regular regime...especially acro yoga which I would never have believed I could do! FIT, FREE and happy is so inspiring and I am grateful to be a part of it!
— Christy

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Where is Indy Fitness Festival located? 

All classes and participating locations are in the Downtown (46203 zip code), Fountain Square (46204 zip code) and Carmel areas (46032 zip code).


What does my ticket include? 

Your ticket is a limited access pass to the participating Downtown Indy and Carmel’s top studios and gyms and local establishments where fun and fitness meet. We recommend that no more than two classes be taken per day. Safety is priority whenever we exercise so use your discretion and know yourself. With this recommendation in place you will have an opportunity to take up to 5 classes over the entire weekend. If you have questions, just email


What classes are being offered? 

Everything from HIT, bootcamp, step, water workouts, barre, dance, and all kinds of yoga (hot, ariel, acro, and traditional). And lots more. Something for everyone. 


What are the class times? 

Classes start on Friday, October 19th, beginning at 12:00pm and run through Sunday, October 21st, to 4:00pm. Specific times are provided within the scheduler, which you can see in real-time above and after you purchase your ticket.


Are there ID or minimum age requirements to enter the event?

Age requirements are at the discretion of the studios/gyms participating. Please visit the participating studio's website for age requirements.  


Are there any waivers I need to sign? 

Yes. Please plan to arrive at your location 10-15 min prior to class starting so you can fill out any liability waiver documentation required by the studio/gym. 


What are my transportation/parking options?

Parking is available at each location, free of charge, but with limited space at most locations. In cases where parking is full you may be required to utilize city street parking, which fees may apply based on day of week.  


What can I bring into the event?

Bring your own water bottle, healthy snacks, and your charged phone so you can capture moments before and after class! Each gym/studio has designated areas or lockers you can leave your things in during class. 


Do I need a yoga mat? 

If you are attending a yoga class at a studio/gym, we recommend to bring your own mat. But don’t fret if you don’t have one of your own. Rental mats are available at the studios for a fee, which is not included in your ticket.  

If you are attending at a unique experience location rentals are not available. We suggest borrowing, purchasing one or bringing some thick towels, which is TOTALLY okay.


Are these taster or full-length classes? 

These are full length classes ranging from 30-60 minute session.


How many classes can I attend? 

There is a limit to two classes per day, per attendee. We suggest a low impact and medium-high impact class per day, if you're up for it. Or two low impact classes, per day. This will help to maximize your experience. But listen to your body. Explore as much as you feel capable of tackling. 


Is it really feasible for even a beginner to do more than one workout a day?  

YES. Challenge yourself and you might be surprised. We are offering all levels of fitness each day.  

We suggest tapping into low impact and medium-high throughout the weekend. Low Impact classes won't tax your body as much as the others so challenge yourself to do more than one in a day, or pair it up with a High Impact class later in the day. Best of both worlds:) Of course, we definitely encourage you to listen to your body. 


Is there a waitlist for full classes? 

Yes. You must select the class to be added to the waitlist and will be notified by email if additional seats open up. 


Do I have to bring my printed or digital ticket to the event?

YES. You will not be able to get in with out proof of purchase. You can download the Eventbrite app to avoid printing a physical version. 


Can I update my Schedule?

Yes. You can adjust your schedule as much as you'd like leading up to the event. If you adjust your schedule, please UNRESERVE your seat to any class you do not plan to attend. This will free up seat space for another festival-goer to attend. 


Is my registration fee or ticket transferrable?

Yes. We get things happen in life. You can transfer your ticket to another person anytime leading up to the event, if needed. But be sure they adjust their schedule if they want. 


Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?

No. All classes are on a reservation-basis only. All names must match the registered classes you attend. If you are not registered, then you will be denied access.


What's the refund policy?

Sorry, no refunds. Rain or shine. But you can transfer your ticket to a friend anytime leading up to the event. 


How can I contact the organizer with any questions?

Email any questions to