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Couple Workouts And Their Benefits

Working out does so many things for me personally that sharing my love for it has gone to a higher level. My new adventures in fitness helps me create variety and give you all the inside scoop on what these fitness trends are all about. And, what I'm most excited about is how my crazy love has spread to those around me. Friends, family and strangers are all reaching out wanting to know more. 

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Pilates and Why It Will Give You A Sleeker Physique

After college, I struggled to find a new goal that would push me physically. I was done playing sports competitively but my inner drive wasn't about to call it quits. I really didn't know where to turn to find something that would give me the discipline and the results I wanted. Then, I met this amazingly awesome machine called the Pilates reformer.

That's when my love for Pilates blossomed. 

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