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I Hired Personal Shoppers And These Things Changed For Me

I've hit an age where I know that going to the mall and sifting through tons of clothes on a rack is not my cup of tea anymore. It actually brings me a lot of anxiety. So, I've decided to help myself out by doing all my shopping online. 

I've graduated from doing my own shopping. 

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Off the Shoulder Goodness

Since I'm pregnant, I've learned to appreciate the pieces of me that I can still show off while still feeling like me. Over the years, a combination of running and weight training have helped sculpt my shoulders into something I'm pretty proud of showing off. So, I was happy to see the off the shoulder top trend working it's way into mainstream. 

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My Recent Obsession with the Comeback Overall

I'm so excited to introduce the first Fashion Friday blog post! I'm by no means a fashionista in my day-to-day but I do love to work some trend into my wardrobe when I can.  It's lacked a bit as an adult with budgets leaning more towards mortgages versus malls. But, I'm determined to make it work and find a happy balance between my have-tos with the bills and my must-haves with staying on trend. 

This week is all about the classic denim overall. 

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