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2017's Hottest Fitness Trends To Carry Into 2018

As 2017 has recently ended, I want to reflect on 5 of my favorite fitness trends that helped me reach my monthly fitness goals.

Being a former gymnast, body weight training has been very popular in my fitness career. Body weight training can be anything from squats, to lunges, to planks, or even push ups. Not only is it a great workout, but it is also affordable. No equipment needed and it can be done anywhere.

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I Tried Ariel Silk Yoga and You Should Too

So, I'm on this new thrill seeking adventure with my fitness routine and it involves trying out new and existing fitness trends. I've found that it gives me not only variety in my own regime, but it helps keep my excitement levels up. I really, really look forward to these new challenges. 

But what I didn't expect was a brush with the circus arts. 

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Pilates and Why It Will Give You A Sleeker Physique

After college, I struggled to find a new goal that would push me physically. I was done playing sports competitively but my inner drive wasn't about to call it quits. I really didn't know where to turn to find something that would give me the discipline and the results I wanted. Then, I met this amazingly awesome machine called the Pilates reformer.

That's when my love for Pilates blossomed. 

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