Coconut Oil Does a Body Good

Oh the benefits of this hydrating, natural oil. Let me count the ways. 

Full of Vitamin E, Iron and lots of other added healthy benefits is reason enough to add it to your beauty and nutrition regime. 

Check out 5 ways that coconut oil can be used to treat your body good.

On the inside and out. 

1. Weight Loss

Slower to break down in the digestion system making you feel fuller longer. 

Some great recipes to try from Simple Green Smoothies, Tone It Up and Can Cook, Will Travel

TIP #1: Use Coconut Oil as an alternative for spreads, i.e. butter, cream cheese and skillet oils and cooking sprays. Check out these recipes that Shape Magazine collected to get you started. 

TIP #2: Drop a tablespoon into a smoothie to get the added benefits and a bonus flavor. 

Photo by  Osha Key  on  Unsplash

Photo by Osha Key on Unsplash

2. Baby

Cradle cap treatment

TIP: Scoop a small spoonful into your hands and rub together. Massage onto baby's scalp and let sit for 15 minutes. Wipe scalp with warm water and a washcloth to peel the flaky skin. 

3. Beauty

This is for my pickers and aging beauties

  • Eczema and itchy skin - Reduces itching. Just apply to affected areas. 
  • Scarring - Helps reduce visibility of scars from picking or injury. 
  • Dry skin - Let it soak in and you'll see and feel the benefits pretty much immediately. 
  • Wrinkles - I need to say more? Apply, apply, apply. 
  • Complexion - Gives you that glowing effect you lose as you age. I talk about how I've used this in my skin care game more here
  • Hair - Rub it onto the scalp, massage into the follicles and let sit for 15 min. Known to strengthen what shampoos and product breakdown. Make sure to rinse. Check out these tips from Good Housekeeping as well. 
Photo by  Old Youth  on  Unsplash

Photo by Old Youth on Unsplash

4. Inflammation

Reduces and treats joint swelling. Ingest it in the foods you eat or rub it on the affected areas. 

Read my story to learn about my arthritis diagnosis when I hit my 30s. This disease does not discriminate but you can manage it with the right foods and exercise. Check out one of my fav low impact and inflammation reducing workouts. 

5. Energy and Immune System

Perfect year round but especially in the winter months with all those germs passing around.  

  • Fighting off colds/sickness
  • Fuels the body longer because it takes longer to break down in the digestive system
  • It's a good fat and helps improve cholesterol levels

TIP: A tablespoon of coconut oil can help to give you higher energy levels throughout the day. Drop it in a smoothie or spread on a piece of toast. 

Would you use Coconut Oil to improve your health?