The Dailey Method - A Barre with a Twist

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Where Barre Infusion Takes on a Whole New Meaning


I've tapped into the likes of traditional Pilates and Pilates reformer. And, HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training classes are also my jam. 

Pilates and Barre = lengthened, toned muscles
HIIT = strong, cut muscles

So when I was introduced to The Dailey Method I found an unexpected way to push my body getting the best of both worlds. 

The Daily Method has been on my list of studios to try for a while. I've been social media stalking them for quite some time and I started to get some serious FOMO. How can I explain it? They have a real tribe vibe. They know their people. A bunch of funky, hip mommas running a studio, looking fly in their workout gear, and rocking some seriously sculpted arms. Their members are just the same.

Ummm.....that's a tribe I can get down with, right?!

Located just on the outskirts of the Broadripple strip you get that urban, hipster vibe just from the surroundings of the old shops and establishments. The area brings back some old school memories for me. Ahem, my 20's living at 60th & Central kinda memories. And to see it trending even more on the up since those good ole days really gets you excited because you it still makes you feel like your among coolness. 

Just like most barre studios, it's super quaint. Enough room for a few racks of retail, restrooms and lockers, one barre studio room, one cycle studio room and the best part for you mommas...a kids room! The studio itself shares space with other local businesses and is actually located on the second floor. But don't let second story fool you. You still get all the studio feels here. 

The Dailey Method was the first barre studio I experienced that tapped into a true mix of variety and all intensity levels.

If you know me, you know I LOVE variety. 

I'm a believer in evolution. And to evolve, you must learn to step outside the box and challenge yourself in new inventive ways. It prevents boredom and burn out. This studio was the quintessential spot that offered a true variety of intensity levels on top of the traditional barre method. Classic barre, Infusion and Interval are their core classes. More on these below and you'll see what sets them a part from others. But first, more teasers...

They have a Cycle room!!!

And this class is like no other that I've taken. Small and intimate (only 9 bikes) and no room for slacking off. See how I felt before, during and especially after in the reads below. 


Definitely the amount of variety in intensity levels and class offerings for sure. And their cycle class seriously one of the best cycle classes I've ever done. So hard, so good. This is the only barre studio I've seen offer cycle on top of their other classes. It's genius. 

Before you dig in, let's get our knowledge on. 

What is Barre?  

I describe it as a fusion of ballet + Pilates. A workout that focuses on full body and all the areas that women in general struggle with keeping defined (ahem, your backside ladies). It incorporates isometric movements with cardio bursts to tone, burn and lengthen those beautiful muscles.

You use a blend of the ballet barre for balance and posture, resistance bands, small hand weights and mats for core work. A very feminine, yet challenging workout that results in a sleek physique. 

Doesn't that sound like the perfect way to sculpt your body?! 

My core had a real wake up call and shook like crazy at me at my first barre class. My push ups were sub-par and my ass was on fire for days. I knew if those little movements could make me that sore, and in the right places, then I knew it would work for me. 

What is The Daily Method? 

This is where I love to share the story behind the studio. I'm fairly new to the barre method in general. The Midwest is probably new to it within the last 10-years. But the country isn't. Jill Dailey, creator and founder of The Dailey Method (otherwise known as TDM), created The Dailey Method in 2000 and opened it's first, one room studio, out in San Francisco. She took her knowledge of kinesiology (she has a degree in it!), and her training under The Lotte Berk Method in New York to create her own spin on transforming the human body. 

The Dailey Method is the original multidisciplinary barre fitness class. - source

A mix of yoga, dance, Pilates and kinesiology movements within 45 min classes focused on alignment and results. It's described as 'the most efficient & effective group workout on the planet'.

Do I agree? I would say it definitely ranks up there with my top fav workouts for sure. 


I've experienced the results. But it takes consistency. Your first class will leave you feeling sore in all the right places. And, I'm talking for days. You feel the burn 5-minutes into class. And, classes are only 45-minutes long which is perfect for those on a tight schedule. 

Sleek, cut limbs and a stronger core are what to expect. Doesn't sound too bad, right? 

What I loved most about this studio is that it offered variety. From traditional barre to higher intensity classes with a mix of the HIIT (High Intensity Interval) exercises that set them a part.  And, they are the only barre studio I've been to that offers cycle. Win-win! 

And, thank goodness for Shelly and Holly, the Indy studio owners, who believed in this method so much. 

They own and operate the only THD studio in the entire state of Indiana!  

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Tempted to try a class? 

Check out what #burnbrightdailey is really about and how it can do you and your body good. 



The difficulty ranges for each class so check out the classes section below for more details. On average, the barre classes are a medium intensity 'cause you will definitely leave with a sweat from each session. There is a class recommended for beginners and for advance enthusiasts at this studio. See below for more details. 


In general, classes are fast-paced and 45-minutes in length. Music pumping and the instructors firing you up with motivational encouragement and movement. The burn starts within the first 5-minutes and it lasts for days following. Each class brings it's own flavor of barre intensity which is great for someone who likes to challenge themselves and include variety. Insert, moi! 

To get the most out of each class, you really have to zero in mentally on the physical movements. If you're just moving, you won't get the results. They take pride in teaching proper form so tune in to your movements during class and take the instructors lead. 

1. HARDEST OF 'EM ALL | Cycle 45 = Hard  
A 45-minute, barre-to-cycle class with continued focus on alignment and form. The high intensity class is nestled in the second studio room with only 9 bikes, with floor to ceiling mirrors behind the instructor podium, lights off, neon lights glowing and faux candles surrounding the instructor's bike up front and center. This was by-far the hardest class at the studio, if not the hardest cycle class I've taken ever.

The bikes motivate you to work harder than your neighbor. Red, yellow and green indicators on every one. As with any cycle class, don't go full speed from the get go. It takes time and practice to build up your stamina. Follow the instructor's lead but scale back as needed. Try to make it to the color-coded levels as much as you can. The instructor will guide the ride for you. You are constantly challenged which keeps the heart rate accelerated leaving you with a killer, cardio workout. 

This is one of the newest classes and because of it's popularity and class size they are booked out at least two weeks from a seat opening. So planning is a must if you wanna try this out. 

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2. BEGINNER LEVEL |  Dailey Barre = Easy - Medium
This is recommended for all levels but great for beginners.  This class incorporates proper form and technique instruction more so than others, especially if you are new. Even though this still is fast-paced, it's the perfect class to introduce you to the method. I'd suggest to take this class a number of times to perfect The Method and then weave in the others to mix it up. 

3. Dailey Fusion = Medium - Hard
A sweaty, fusion of barre and HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) in one. This was the first class I took at this studio and it was on par with my speed, i.e. high intensity, and constantly moving. Because it is fast-paced, I had to pause a few times to get the movements down but the teacher was great and encouraging the whole way through. I was sore for at least 3-days post this class. I couldn't wait to try more.  

4. ANGI's FAV | Dailey Interval = Medium - Hard
This was the last class I took and it ended up being my most favorite. It was definitely the hardest of all the barre classes. DISCLAIMER: Due to the fast-paced movements and cuing in this class, students must complete 20 Dailey Basics or Dailey Barre classes before attended. So to get the most out of this one, due your homework and practice in the Dailey Barre class first to get that form down, girl. 



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The class times I tested were early morning around 8:15am.  Below are the instructors that taught the classes tested. I'd recommend any one of them for any class. If you make it into the studio, one thing you'll notice among all of them is that they have killer arms and great tights!

Who doesn't want to follow that lead?! 

  1. Ellen Sikora-Brown - Dailey Interval
    Ellen! She had my heart-pumping and my core shaking. Burpees, lunges, planks. She had it all and I was definitely challenged. I left feeling accomplished which is my favorite way to feel after a workout:) 
  2. CO-OWNER | Shelly Miller - Cycle
    Shelley is co-owner of the studio and when I reached out to ask if I could come check out some classes, she invited me and eight of my friends to a private cycle class. I was so stoked and it didn't take long to get some dedicated FFH followers on board. We worked hard, had fun and had drinks after! Shelley's story is one to admire. Followed a dream of opening up her own studio with a friend, is a momma of four (four kids people!) and has killer arms. Definitely make sure you get in to try out one of her classes. She is badass!
  3. Amy Dinwiddie - Fusion
    Oooooh, man. Amy had my thighs on fire! This girl was a fireball. And, remember when I said killer arms?? She's got em too! I mean, who wouldn't follow the lead of someone who clearly looks like they practice what they preach? 
  4.  Ashley Haynes - Barre Classic
    Ashley was so great with me. Picked me out as a newbie right away, but not in an embarrassing way. She would quietly help correct my form and constantly was encouraging me. While this was a beginner class, my ass and abs were sore for days. Great instruction leads to great results. 

They do have a male instructor who I wasn't able to try out but I hear great things! 


Everyone! Seriously. Barre does requires intentional focus on small movements so be willing to zero in on your core muscles, technique and form to get the best out of these classes. The studio is primarily women, but they aren't exclusive. They welcome everyone. 


  1. Flexibility
  2. Core Strength
  3. Calorie Burn
  4. Lean Muscle Tone
  5. Coordination and Balance
  6. Weight Loss
  7. Stress Reduction
  8. Inspiration
  9. Tighter backside


EVERYTHING, especially those muscles we don't use all the time, and sit on all the time. 

  1. Core
  2. Legs
  3. Butt
  4. Shoulders

Every class focuses on full body. 


for barre

  1. Traditional workout gear, i.e. tights and tank or fitted tee
  2. Grippy socks. They sell them in studio or you can order them online. You can also wear your own regular socks but grippys help keep you from slipping during tip-toe movements and planks. The studio has carpet in it. 

for cycle

  1. You can wear sneaks or bring clips ins - you might want to check with the studio first to see if your clips ins will fit.
  2. Wear fitted tights or spandex shorts. It's hot in the room so breathable clothes are best. 


  1. Shoes in the barre studio. You can wear tennies in cycle class. 
  2. Leave baggy clothes at home. You will be moving a lot so you don't want to be messing with your outfit. 


  1. Water bottle
  2. Grippy socks - Check out Amazon or you can buy in studio
  3. The studio has the rest! 


  1. Sweat towels
  2. Water fill up station, for free with your own bottle
  3. Showers/Changing Room/Restrooms
  4. Childcare, for select class times
  5. Equipment for class, i.e small ball, hand weights, bands, mats


  1. Show up early to class to get introduced to the studio, fill out a waiver and chat with the instructor to let them know you're new. 
  2. Show up at least 15 min early. 
  3. Slow down and take breaks when you need to.  
  4. Try an in-person tour in advance.
  5. Follow the instructor's lead. They know what they are doing. 
  6. Come back for more! This workout, like most, doesn't get easier but you get stronger and you'll be able to push yourself more and more each time. 


Located in Northside of Broadripple, tucked back behind the strip where old neighborhood houses are turned into businesses. TDM is in a tall business building with black awnings, parking lot and street-front parking available. They are located on the second-story, but it's still filled with the studio feel you're hoping for. 

Retail on racks, cubbies for your gear and check-in happening all up front. 

The barre studio is small enough you don't feel overwhelmed with a large class. Mirrors along front of the room, carpet on floor (this is traditional in barre studios I've seen), motivational sayings across back wall, and music pumping once class starts. 

The cycle room, has nine bikes, ten including the instructor's. Bikes laid out in a horseshoe shape, facing the instructor's podium front and center. Mirrors in front of the room and neon lights all around you. They dim the lights during class to increase the experience. 


    My first impression walking into the studio was that I was among some trendy mommas.  Tights, vests and cute tennies had me with all the envy wanting to steal some style tips. But the best accessory these women had was their babies. I walked in with an employee who had a toddler and a newborn in tote. They get to bring their kids to work, which tells you they care. There is a kids room located right in the studio so the flexibility is there not only for you but for their staff. 

    While I'm lucky to have family who is around constantly, others are not. So I can imagine the struggle of trying to find time for yourself but also a safe place for your kids to be so you aren't constantly worried. While I didn't test this out with my little one, I wouldn't be scared to after meeting the staff.  

    The kids room is tucked right behind the check-in desk so it's protected and it's full of things to keep the kiddos entertained during your workout. 

    There is an extra chargefor childcare off but I'd say it's well worth the trade-off to have a happy, healthy momma. Am I right?!

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    1. Super friendly, welcoming and hyped up to have you there
    2. Extra encouraging and motivating in class


    They are definitely well-rounded when it comes to options.. And, mommas....they can support you while you work out!*

    Individual Class - $20/class


    1. New Client Special – $100/30-days of unlimited classes. 

    2. New Mom Unlimited Special- $375

    3. Bridal 3-Month Unlimited Special - $375


    1. BEST OFFER Core Membership - $150/month; unlimited barre classes

    2. All Access Membership - $179/month; unlimited barre and cycle classes. 

    Class Packages

    1. 10-Class Package - $160

    2. 30 Class Package - $420

    *Childcare - avail only select times

    1. $6/drop in
    2. $28/5-pack
    3. $55/10-pack

    You can check out their full pricing structure here

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