10 Ways to Fit In Exercise Even On A Busy Schedule

You CAN fit in exercise, even on a busy schedule....I promise. 

Easy said than done...right?! I used to live the life of not making workouts a priority. Pre-kid, marriage and trying to grow in my career. I let the job take priority. In return, my health declined, my family noticed and I was over it. 

Fast forward 3 years, I make the time for me. Even through pregnancy, exercise was a priority. Fast forward a year, post baby, and workouts were still a priority, but.....then work took over again. 

This last month, I've experience the busy life of a mom, wife, sister, daughter, friend, 9-5 career-woman, entrepreneur, and exercise fiend. It's 'effing hard! 

Unfortunately, something had to take a back seat. 

So now that I have a perspective of pre and post baby, I'm sharing my views on how to fit in exercise, even on a busy schedule. It's all about balance and priorities. Check out my top lessons learned list below and test it out yourself. 

Benefits gained: 

1. Stress reduction
2. Happiness maintained
3. Balance of priorities in check
4. Weight gain = 0
5. Mentally re-energized

On the flip side of these benefits lies the complete opposite. Which side would you choose? 

10 Ways to Fit In Exercise Even On A Busy Schedule

1. Rearrange your schedule. If mornings aren't your jam (they definitely aren't mine!), but it's the only time you can make a workout happen.....schedule it. Wake your ass up and stop pouting. 

2. Block it off on your calendar and DO NOT move it. 

3. Say no to things. Have to get it in after work instead? Say no to dinner, ball fields, etc. You do you! 

4. Take mental breaks. You NEED these and I do consider them a form of exercise. If your working through lunch, instead, leave the computer and go on a walk. Go shopping. Whatever it is...just take your mind off of your day-to-day. 

5. Phone a friend. Tell them your challenges and ask them for their help. See if they can pick you up so you know you can't easily miss. 

6. If you are traveling, do your quick research to find a workout place near you. Mind Body App is my saving grace. I traveled to Atlanta last week, and found a spin class to go to. Much needed after a day on a plane, and sitting in a 4-hour meeting. 

7. Drink wine and laugh. You can do this after your sweat session. I did this with an old friend and don't regret one minute of it. We prioritized our workout before dinner and drinks so it made me physically and mentally feel much better about indulging. 

8. Just walk. After a busy day, I may not have time to be solo on a run or go to a workout in a studio so I plan to multitask. Take the baby out in the stroller, put the dog on a leash and walk it out. We all get our vitamin D, bonding time and exercise needed to destress from the day. 

9. Reset. If you know it's going to remain crazy, don't give up. Enlist help to help you re-evaluate how to deal. I'm here, your friends are there, your partners are there. Tell someone what you need and ask for help. 

10. Leverage your home as a gym. It's not my favorite thing in the world, but if it's all I have then it's gotta happen. Take it outside or in a different room so you don't get stuck on the couch or distracted picking up the house. make it happen. 

There you go. 10 Ways to Fit In Exercise Even On A Busy Schedule.