Big City Workouts And How To Find Them In Your Town

My big city workouts adventure was so much fun. I made the best of a travel situation and kept up with my routine but also stepped out of my comfort zone a bit. While I had planned to do these workouts alone the difference in the follow through were the people by my side. 

They become your biggest motivator. 

So, here’s a look at the three BIG CITY WORKOUTS we tackled and where you can find them or something similar in your hood. 

1. Soul Cycle

Why I Chose It

This is the mecca of indoor cycle classes. All the celebs do it. It's only in the big cities and it's class is so small and intimate that they sell out of space quickly. I wanted to be in the cool crowd and get this on my list. It’s not just a workout, it’s a cleanser for the soul. They want you to connect with yourself in a way that you walk out feeling energized, positive and ready to take on the world. 

How I Felt

I was nervous. I'm not a big city girl. But trying something new isn't too scary for me. I was more excited than anything. Less nervous because I had two friends by my side. 

Walking out...I felt awesome. All the things they wanted you to feel. Energized, positive and ready to seize the day. 

Where You Can Find It In Your Town

If Soul Cycle isn't in your area, you can experience this at your local boutique cycle studio. Look for a studio that dims the lights, blasts the music and has a high rated instructor who will motivate you with loads of positivity throughout class.

Download the MindBody App to find one nearest you. 

Indy Fav: Just Ride Indy,

For more info on Indoor Cycle, check out my recent blog post call Cycle Class And All It's Hype. I dish on what to expect going in so you look and feel like a pro from the start. 


2. Studio Lagree

This is the Pilates Reformer on steroids. Fast paced, no stopping, burn out to failure pretty much. You’re on a Pilates machine that is wider than the standard reformer with some extra gadgets for class. You work every body part till it burns out. Core, Arms, Legs, Core again. There’s a sequence they go in and you better keep up. The moves from one leg to the other had my legs shaking to the max. I was like jello trying to walk between transitions.  

Why I Chose It

I LOVE the Pilates Reformer and a hard core workout so an intensified version of Pilates could only be a plus. I had heard it was a killer workout. Taking your muscles to failure. I like the mix of a delicate art of fitness with some sweat added in. I had followed them on Intsagram for quite some time and it felt like an out of reach workout. So when I could get into a class in Chicago I was stoked. 

How I Felt

I was nervous about this one because of it's intensity level I had heard so much about. The studio was small and lights were dim going in. There were probably about 20 machines. The instruction went pretty fast so no 1:1 hand holding here. You better keep up. 

When we left, we all couldn't believe how difficult it was on the muscles. It was a good burn. Definitely felt this one the next day. 

I would definitely do this again. 

Where You Can Find It In Your Town

Terms to search for in your area: megareformer, m3fusion, fusion on the reformer

If you can’t find something that matches then look for something with the reformer as a starting point. The reformer is definitely doable for a beginner. Or a pilates reformer hybrid class where they mix in some HIIT or other exercises that get your heart rate up. 

Download the MindBody App to find one nearest you. 

Indy Fav: Invoke Studio and Kinect - both offer the Pilates Reformer and have excellent instructors. 

For more info on Pilates and the Reformer, check out my recent blog post call Pilates And Why It Will Give You A Sleeker PhysiqueI dish on what to expect going in so you look and feel like a pro from the start. 


3. Barry’s Bootcamp

What's in a name? Well, in this case, everything you can expect. It's a bootcamp that is fast-paced and motivating. You get right to work when you get in the room. Dim lights, step up equipment and dumbbells on the floor and treadmills lined up against the opposite wall. You switch from floor to treadmill based on the instructors queues. 

We were on the floor for 30 minutes and ran for 30 minutes.  You do several exercises on the floor like dumbbell press, crunches. pushups, and tricep dips. The treadmill workout increases by speed and incline the whole time so it’s not a straight jog. You are sprinting. 


Why I Chose It

I've followed these guys on Instagram for awhile and it's tough guy persona attracted me. They have a military style brand and strong female instructors that make you want to have muscles like theirs. This is everything bootcamp-like. Burpees, pushups, lunges, sprinting. I like a competitive and hard core sweat so I wasn't too afraid. 

How I Felt

Tired and sweaty! It was definitely a fast-paced workout. No 1:1 instruction. They call out queues for you to follow and you are constantly moving. No rest for the wicked in this class. 

I left feeling good. Actually so good I didn't want to eat poorly at all that day. I stayed away from the danishes at breakfast and didn't overeat my fruit. I enjoyed feeling that way. 

Where You Can Find It In Your Town

Look for bootcamps in your area, but be sure you are signing up for one that is at your level. There are some for all ages, some for older ages, etc. 

Download the MindBody App to find one nearest you. 

Indy Favs: Shred 415 is the exact same concept. Fire Eye Fitness has bootcamps and boxing that are killer too. 


What Big City Workouts are you dying to try?