Finding Your Best Workout

Finding your best workout can be a challenge. You might get what I call 'workout block' when trying to find that one workout that will get you results. You're not alone. And, actually, a lot of people are in the same boat.

Below are some tips to help you think outside the box and pick the best workout for you. And only you. 


1. Pick something that has BOTH cardio and strength included.  

It doesn't have to be heavy weights. Pilates, yoga, barre, and bootcamps all tend to intermix a blend of body resistance with free weights. As long as you are adding one or both of these forms of strength into your cardio then you will see results. Plus, you get an all-in-one workout! 

2. Try it out for a few weeks. 

If it doesn't get you excited or you leave feeling 'just okay' then it's okay to move on. Just because it works for someone else, or even if it works for a lot of people, it doesn't have to for you. It's nothing personal and don't get discouraged. There are thousands of things out there that can work for you. 

3. Pick an intensity level that suits you. 

Any movement is better than none. High intensity may not be for you. Don't discount a good 'ole fashion walk. Walking briskly can still burn calories. Take some 2-3 pound weights with you to carry in each hand so you are maximizing your time. 

4. Add more than one to the mix. 

You might have heard of cross training. It's treating your muscles in a way that keeps them guessing. I do Pilates, HIIT and Barre classes throughout the week. I might even add a run. It's okay if one or two of these workouts isn't multiple times a week or even every week. I'm changing it up enough that my body is responding but keep it consistent with the strength training. It doesn't take long to lose what you've worked for if you stop lifting. Keep that consistent and the rest will follow. 

5. Make sure it inspires you. 

I walk into a studio and I instantly feel better. Why? The people, the ambience, the endorphins I'm getting ready to release. It's a high you don't forget. If I go in dreading it and just find myself going through the motions then I know it's time to move on or add something new. 

Hope these tips help you Find Your Best Workout ever.

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