How to Look Like A Pro vs. a Newbie in the Gym

Trying something new can be scary. Sometimes it's just easier to say 'forget it' and keep doing what you're doing. Even if it's not working for you. But, doing that doesn't get you any closer to that new workout you've been wanting to try. You dream about what it's like to do Hot Yoga class or Crossfit or work with a Personal Trainer, but you don't ever actually take the leap and try it out.


Trying something new takes some guts to get started and sometimes you just may not know where to begin.

So, I created my top tips on How to Look Like A Pro Vs. A Newbie so you worry less and sweat more. 

I talk you through it below and encourage you to work through your fear or laziness (sorry...tough love here) and get after it. I wouldn't want you to miss out on a fun experience that can change you for the better.  

Here's how you can fake the part so you don't stick out like a sore thumb in your new class or studio. 

1. Do your research. 

Look up what the class is all about. Being prepared can eliminate any fear or uneasiness you may have going on. Call ahead and speak to someone on the phone. You can ask all the questions you want without them knowing it's you. Here are some starter questions to use: 

1. How many people attend class? Is it small or crowded? 
2. What should I wear? 
3. Do I need my own equipment or do you have rentals? (some places rent mats, cycle shoes, etc)
4. What is the intensity level like? 
5. Do I need to have prior experience to join? 
6. How early should I show up? (sometimes there are waivers for newbies so plan to show up early for the first one at the least)

2. YouTube It

If the website doesn't have any teaser videos on what's involved in class then just YouTube the type of workout and see what you consistently find. For example, if you search for Pilates Workouts, you'll find an array of videos to review. All generally will show you moves involved so you'd know what to expect going into class. I'd recommend to end your search with the word 'workouts' so you get more accurate results.

3. Recruit a buddy to join you. 

Working out on your own can be empowering but it's definitely easier when you have a partner there by your side. It takes the pressure off you so you can relish in the newness together versus alone. 

Can't find a buddy? Email the class instructor or studio owner in advance to introduce yourself. You can give them a little bit of your background and why you decided to sign up. That way you know you have their support before you even walk in the door. Nothing like having the coach behind you from the get go. 

4. Stalk on Social Media

Whatever your choice of platform is you can bet you can find all kinds of stuff out there on what you are interested in trying out. Instagram and Facebook generally have profiles dedicated to all kinds of workout genres. Just do a basic search. But, be careful in using words like 'hot' in your search. You might find something unrelated:) 

5. Print it Out

If you are not attending a class and planning to do a solo workout then do your homework in advance. There are tons of printable workouts online that you can take with you so you actually spend your minutes at the gym effectively. For example, Google printable toning workouts, or treadmill workouts or stair step workouts. You'd be surprised what exists out there. Just don't wing it. You likely won't break a sweat big enough to shed the calories you need to see a difference if you are unprepared. Go with a plan so you don't have to think so much when you are in the moment. Your time is precious so plan for it wisely. 

Want more tips on how to look like a pro vs. a newbie?

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