Home Sweet Home

Birth Story Chapter 2: Home Sweet Home

I cried the day we were scheduled to leave the hospital. My husband was in the shower and I sat there alone, holding our daughter, just imagining our life together once we left. 

We were two days deep into life with our sweet baby Claire with still only just a few hours of sleep logged. Our emotions were running on a high. Especially mine. The days in the hospital flew by and when the morning of our discharge date came is when the anxiety kicked in. 

We were going home alone with our little one as first time parents. Ahh!

All the moments leading up to her due date were finally brought to a close. The days and nights I spent feeling her kicks, sitting in the rocking chair in her nursery and imagining what life would be like with her was finally here. Now, we were getting ready to experience true life with her in our home. 

I was an emotional mess. But so, so happy. 

We got everything packed up and ready to go. It was so quiet that day. After two days of constant visitors we were having our first family time. No doctors, no family or friends. Just us. It was hitting me good. I am not used to quiet and stillness and for some reason it was hard for me to take in. 

Once we were on the road, I immediately told my husband that we needed a new car. My concern for her safety was at an all time high. The car seat only fit on the passenger side and not in the middle seat. Accidents were on my mind and the worst of the worst happening. I just didn't want to risk it. So, we proceeded with caution through every intersection and left had turn. New parent whoas. 

We got home and introduced our nine year old boxer, Benny, to our girl. He loved her already. My dream (I know this sounds silly) is to have Benny stick around for a few more years so our daughter can run around with him as a toddler. Kids and their pets have such a special bond. I want Benny to experience kids and Claire to experience life with Benny. Both equally crazy:)

My husband went into organizing mode and starting putting everything away so that we didn't have it lingering. I sat in the nursery, in her rocking chair, holding her and started to sob. I sat there for about 20 minutes while all the thoughts of life before her flashed back through my mind. We were finally together. In real life. I was so happy and overwhelmed with love. 

We took this family photo just after that cry session but it's our first and I'll cherish it forever. Notice Benny made his debut. 

From that day on, we knew our lives were forever changed.  

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