My Recent Obsession with the Comeback Overall

I'm so excited to introduce the first Fashion Friday blog post! I'm by no means a fashionista in my day-to-day but I do love to work some trend into my wardrobe when I can.  It's lacked a bit as an adult with budgets leaning more towards mortgages versus malls. But, I'm determined to make it work and find a happy balance between my have-tos with the bills and my must-haves with staying on trend. 

This week is all about the classic denim overall. To some, this sounds either toddler-esque or a flashback to your old grade school days as a kid. While both are cute, as a 30 something, I'm looking for something more sophisticated without looking like I'm getting ready to climb a tree. So, I set out to find out how to do just that and Pinterest was my go-to source. 

I'm falling in love with these styles! I've created a board for you to check out for yourself. You can bet you'll see me in some this Summer and Fall! Now, being preggers is adding an extra element to it but just gives me more confidence to rock whatever the hell I want. 

Visit my board by clicking on the board image. Once your there, can you guess which ones I just bought?? 

Enjoy and hopefully you too can reunite with your grade school-self. Keep following and we'll revisit the 10's of pairs of colored jeans I had as a kid in another post. We all need more color in our lives:) 

Throwback photos to follow of when I had overalls as a teen. Corduroy and khaki short bibs were totally on trend in the 90s:)