My Journey to a Tighter Booty

Since college, I've missed my 20-something, perky little booty. The one that I didn't even realize was such a luxury ass-et until I was stopped in my tracks one night in college. And, ever since, I've been on a journey to a tighter backside. 

Let me set the scene. 

It was a Saturday night, and we were at the most popular and oldest bar on campus. Harry's Chocolate Shop. We went upstairs to check out the fishbowl (this round seating area that was super popular). Then, I see someone I had met a few weeks before. Yes, this was a guy of interest but nothing serious then or even later. Since it was so packed, he scooted over in the bench and opened up a seat for my friend and I. I just sat on his knee while my girlfriend took the open seat next to us.  

That's when it happened. 

He asks..."What sport do you play?" 

Initially, I was instantly on the defense and offended since the previous four years of my college career involved lifting heavy weights and training hard for softball. My teammates and I always got picked out of the crowd at parties because of how we looked.  At the time, I hated it. I wanted to blend in. But, it wasn't reality and I didn't appreciate it until I was out of college. 

Now, back to the bar. In response to his question, I asked him "What makes you think I play a sport?". He says, "'Cause your ass is hard as a rock!" 

Well, I'll take that:)

But, I didn't expect that to be his response. Normally, it was my arms that got called out. The tank top did it every time. But, since I wasn't training my 5th year, his comment lead me to believe that all those squats and sprints I did week-to-week for four years actually did me some good. 

The rest of that year, my roommate and I (my best friend and former teammate) worked out but we quit doing squats. We were burnt out. And, as the year progressed, I began to see the shift. The downward shift that is. Things that were once lifted and tight were making their way down South and becoming just a little more squishier than what I was used to. 

When I look back on my training days, I know I was training for a purpose. I was meant to be quick in the field and needed the legs to do so. Today, I can still train but to a lesser degree. I have different goals now. I do want to fit into my jeans. Back then, I couldn't find a pair that wasn't loose in the waist and snug as a glove in the thighs. And, when you grew up in the era of the comeback flare bottom jeans then you know how much I felt left out. I know. Real problems! 

Seeing gravity kick in made me realize that once you quit activating those muscles you start to get...

A dumpy apple bottom. 

Now, I may be exaggerating. I don't have a terrible backside, but it's definitely not what it used to be. But what is? I know. Dwelling on what I had nearly 12 years ago doesn't seem like the right thing to do, but everyday when I look at myself in the mirror I think I should and could do something more.

Hence, why I am on a journey to a tighter booty. 

Well, the time has come my friends. And, I'm not talking about doing hundreds of squats every day of the week. Nope. Ain't nobody got time for that! I'm talking about dedicating 3-4 days of my week. 5-10minutes a day. To a few simple moves, each week. 

Now, these moves will vary week-to-week. To commit, I've created an initial plan for week #1.  I'm trying to not overwhelm myself with too much to soon.  But, planning it out in advance helps keep me focused instead of winging it, which tends to get me no where. And we all know where that gets us.

You guessed it. Back to a dumpy apple bottom. 

So, hopefully, you find inspiration in watching me go through this self-challenge. Join me if you'd like. I'm taking this week-by-week. As much as I'd love to NOT share my backside publicly, I'll figure out some elegant way to share my results without being TMI.  

Weekly Workout Plan Below. 

Let's do this! 

Week 1 Plan: (Take before photo)
Repeat 4x

Move #1 = The basic squat. This move is my go to. I dominated it in college and it got me that "rock hard ass" comment above.
Move #2 = Clam shells. Think Suzanne Summers sans the thigh master. 
Move #3 = Leg lifts. Lying down or standing up. These burn. 

Day 1: 20 squats, 10 clam shells, 5 leg lifts (each side) x 3
Day 2: 30 squats, 12 clam shells, 10 leg lifts (each side) - x4 and added a green resistance band to all moves. Gives you some added tension. Try it! 
Day 3: 40 squats, 14, clam shells, 12 leg lifts (each side) - 1x Done, with band! 
Day 4: 50 squats, 16 clam shells, 14 leg lifts (each side) - 1x Done, with band!

How'd I feel after Week 1??? Accomplished and slightly more firm than the week before. Gonna keep this up! Pictures not taking this week but targeting for a before photo in Week 2.

Week 2 Plan: (Take before photo)
Repeat 4x

Move #1 = The basic squat with a side leg lift as you come back to standing position. Hitting all aspects of the glutes! 
Move #2 = Standing or kneeling kickbacks. A straight leg kickback, squeezing the glute as you raise your leg up. Be sure not to over arch your back during this move. 
Move #3 = Plie squat. You can assume the first plie position (heels together with toes and knees angled out) or second position (move your first position out to be a bit more than hip width a part with toes and knees still angled out). 

*NOTE: perform one squat and one leg lift (doesn't matter which side) = This equals one count, then squat and lift the other leg, which will equal two counts and so on.  

Day 1: 25 squats with a side leg lift* (with band around ankles), 20 kickbacks (with band around ankles), 15 plie squats - I used a Bosu ball which adds an extra balance challenge. 
Day 2: 35 squats with a side leg lift* (with band around ankles), 30 kickbacks (with band around ankles), 25 plie squats - No Bosu on this day but used the band around my knees and man did it burn! 
Day 3: 45 squats with a side leg lift* (with band around ankles), 40 kickbacks (with band around ankles), 35 plie squats (on bosu) 
Day 4: 60 squats with a side leg lift* (with band), 50 kickbacks (with band), 45 plie squats

How'd I feel after Week 2??? A little more firmer, but took a before picture and have a ways to tone! 

Week 3 Plan: (Take before photo)
Repeat 4x

Move #1 = Walking lunge, front and backwards
Move #2 = Knee to squat up downs  
Move #3 = Fire Hydrant

NOTE: Get some heavier dumbbells and a resistance band if you have it!

Day 1: 25 walking lunges (use heavy weights in each hand - I use 10 lbs), 20 knee to squat up downs, 15 fire hydrants, each leg (with band around knees)
Day 2: 35 walking lunges (use heavy weights in each hand), 30 knee to squat up downs, 25 fire hydrants, each leg (with band around knees) 
Day 3: 45 walking lunges (use heavy weights in each hand), 40 knee to squat up downs, 35 fire hydrants, each leg (band around knees) - you might need to take a break on these!
Day 4: 60 walking lunges (use heavy weights in each hand), 50 knee to squat up downs, 45 fire hydrants (band around knees)- again a break is likely needed! 

How'd I feel after Week 3??? I'll admit I haven't cracked this one open yet. Starting tomorrow to do some catch up! 

Week 4 VACATION Plan: (Take Before Photo) 
Equipment Needed: Stairs, paper plates, and resistance bands
Repeat x4 each day

Move #1 = Side cross shuffle step ups. Grab some condo stairs for these! You want to be sure to hold onto a railing and keep your eyes on your feet. Side step up each stair by bringing one foot onto the stair to the side of you then step up with the opposite foot on the stair above that one.  As you get the rhythm,  make this a fast pace. (up = 1, jog down, up again = 2). Be sure to switch sides half way through! 
Move #2 = Slide out bridges. Get your paper plates. Lay on back and put heels on paper plates. Raise hips and slide heels out until legs are straight. Drop booty to the ground and repeat. 
Move #3 = Deadlifts. Use weights here. Standing tall, hold weights in both hands and graze them down your thighs, just past your knees. Heels sit back. Booty hinges back. Stand back up and repeat. 

Day 1: 5 side cross over shuffle step ups (switch sides half way through) , 10 slide out bridges, 15 deadlifts
Day 2: 8 side cross over shuffle step ups, 12 slide out bridges, 18 deadlifts
Day 3:  10 side cross over shuffle step ups, 15 slide out bridges, 20 deadlifts
Day 4: 12 side cross over shuffle step ups, 20 slide out bridges, 24 deadlifts

WEEK 5: Booty, Legs, Booty, Legs, and repeat:) 
Repeat 4x, each day

Move #1 = Curtsy lunge to Front Squat. Cross right leg behind left foot and bend knees into a curtsy position. Lunge then bring right foot to front so that feet are square with hips and squat. Repeat right curtsy lunge to squat then switch sides. 
Move #2 = Bridge toe taps. Lie flat on back, bring heels in close to bottom, and raise hips. Palms flat on ground beside your hips. Raise right foot up to table top position and tap toe to ground. Repeat the right foot raise 8x then switch sides. Keep hips raised the whole time.
Alternative positioning for preggers: Start in an elevated position. Use a bench or chair to place your hands on and lift your hips off and assume the same position as if on the ground. Be sure to bring your knees to your chest for both positions. 
Move #3 = Donkey Kicks. On all fours. Straighten your right leg and bend knee so that the bottom of your foot is facing the ceiling. Start to raise your foot towards ceiling and continue. Keep knee bent. Then, switch. 

Counts below represent even counts on each leg. 

Day 1: 10 curtsy lunges to front squats, 10 bridge toe taps, 10 donkey kicks
Day 2: 16 curtsy lunges to front squats, 12 bridge toe taps, 16 donkey kicks
Day 3: 20 curtsy lunges to front squats, 14 bridge toe taps, 18 donkey kicks
Day 4: 24 curtsy lunges to front squats, 16 bridge toe taps, 20 donkey kicks

Q&A: I loved this week. I've started to feel like my booty is carrying in a different more firm way. It feels lifted and I have noticed small indentions in the sides of each cheek when I'm standing, which wasn't there before. I'm definitely feeling a difference. 

Week 6 Plan
Repeat 4x, each day

Move #1 = Elevated lunge. Find some stairs and place your right foot the step about 2 stairs in front of you. Your left foot is at the bottom of the stairs with your toes just up against the base. You'll be lunging so if the second step is too high or far our for you, use the next one down and just adjust your base foot back a bit. 
Move #2 = Kickboxing backwards kick to side lunge. Start in a standing position as you hinge forward at the waist, kick your right leg up and back behind you. You want to raise it fairly high enough to where your back doesn't arch. Once you feel that, lower that leg! Foot is flexed so that bottom of the foot is kicking the wall behind you. As you step back to starting position, lunge to the side with the opposite leg. 
Move #3 = Elevated split jumps. Use those same stairs you did in Move #1. This time only use the lower step. Place one foot on first step while the other is on the floor at the base of the stairs. Lower into a small lunge (do not go deep - your front knee should NOT go over your toes) and power up into a small jump on the stairs. Do not alternate. Just finish the set on one side and switch to the other. 

Counts below represent even counts on each leg. 

Day 1: 10 elevated lunges, 10 kickbox backwards kick to side lunge, 10 elevated split jumps
Day 2: 12 elevated lunges, 12 kickbox backwards kick to side lunge, 12 elevated split jumps
Day 3: 14 elevated lunges, 14 kickbox backwards kick to side lunge, 14 elevated split jumps
Day 4: 16 elevated lunges, 16 kickbox backwards kick to side lunge, 16 elevated split jumps

Week 7 Plan
Repeat 4x, each day

Move #1 = One legged deadlift. Ground one foot with the other kicked straight back behind you. Back flat and hinge at waist as you lower your arms to your toes. If you arch your back you've gone too far. Add some weight to really work the hamstrings. I like to use 10+lbs dumbbells. Switch legs after you complete one side. 
Move #2 =  One legged hamstring bridge up. Lying flat on the ground, knees bent and heels in close to your booty. Raise your right leg so that it is pointed straight up, then bring it in line with your left thigh, while keeping right leg off ground. Hips up the whole time. Now drop hips, while your leg stays in place in the air. Repeat on left leg. 
Move #3 = Pick a 2:50-3:50 fast paced song from your favorite playlist. Start squatting once the music starts while you are holding a heavier weight with both hands. The weight doesn't move except as you move up and down. Keep arms down and straight as you hold. At the chorus, hold the squat. Then, start to squat up and down again until the next chorus, and repeat the hold. 

Counts below represent even counts on each leg. 

Day 1: 10 one-legged deadlifts, 10 one-legged hamstring bridge ups, Pick your fav song and squat and hold
Day 2: 14 one-legged deadlifts, 12 one-legged hamstring bridge ups, Pick your fav song and squat and hold
Day 3: 16 one-legged deadlifts, 14 one-legged hamstring bridge ups, Pick your fav song and squat and hold
Day 4: 20 one-legged deadlifts, 16 one-legged hamstring bridge ups, Pick your fav song and squat and hold

Have your own Journey to a Tighter Booty?

Leave a comment below and let me know how you manage your backside.