Lift, Tone and Burn - the Pure Barre Way

Pure Barre. Five-months pregnant feeling the burn but had me wanting more. I did my first class back in April when I was with child and while I was challenged a bit with the bump, I knew this was an ass-kicker workout even if I weren't pregnant. My first time was hard. Real hard. 

I was shaking within the first three minutes!

I could see what the craze was all about. This workout lifts the booty, burns the triceps and tones the thighs. A ballet-based type of workout that is tougher than you might think.

You use a ballet bar for balance and you plie the hell out of your legs.

I initially had a bit of shame after my first session. I've trained as a college athlete, ran mini marathons and flip monster truck tires for cardio. When I stepped into my first Pure Barre class last April, I was a little set back at the difficulty this workout presents. Two pound weights and resistance bands are sooooo sooooo sooooo hard in this class. It didn't hit me until my third session when the instructor said to me,

I’ve been doing this for seven years and it doesn’t get any easier. You just get stronger and have a better understanding of it all.
— Pure Barre Instructor

Whew....that makes me feel a thousand times better. All the time and money I've put into strength and conditioning training yet these little ass weights were kicking my butt! I was a bit embarrassed and pissed. But, I decided to let down my tough guy guard and just focus. 

Because with focus, you improve. 

I've loved the burn so much that I've signed up for more classes.

Want to try it out for yourself?

Below are more deets on what Pure Barre really is like, what to expect and how prepare yourself for the burn.

Level of Difficulty: Medium - High

Who Qualifies: 

Anyone! Seriously. It's low impact, low-medium cardiovascular, and tones all the right places. 

Improvements You'll Experience: 

  1. Joint mobility
  2. Core Strength
  3. Lean Muscle Tone, especially in lower half (booty, legs, booty, legs!)
  4. Coordination and Balance
  5. Calorie burn

What It Works: 

  1. Everything! The triceps, shoulders, biceps, thighs, booty, calves, core. It's an all over body workout. 
  2. Your measurements. You will raise your heart rate with all the pulses and combination moves you do that have you fatiguing....which is what they pride on to help get you the results. They want you to feel the shake so you see the results. 

What to Wear: 

  1. Form fitting gear. Loose tops are appropriate.
  2. Sticky socks! This is a branded sock they sell at their studios or online. If you don't have a pair, no worries. Wear what you have at home. If you absolutely do not want to stand out like a sore thumb then wear black or grey socks to blend in. But, don't worry. No one is paying that close attention. 
  3. Hair pulled back (this is my top fitness fashion tip for all sweat sessions. Pull that hair up!)

What NOT to Wear: 

  1. Baggy pants/sweats. 
  2. Shorts. You are on the ground for about half the class, facing each other, so you don't want to give your classmates a peepshow. 
  3. Tennies - none in this class

What to Bring: 

  1. Water bottle - but they typically sell water by the bottle for a buck if you forget
  2. A ready to work, open-mind and fun attitude 

What the Studio/Gym Will Have for You: 

  1. Weights - yes, you will work your upper body with 2-3lb hand weights
  2. Resistance bands - omgeeeee....these are killer on the legs! 
  3. Mats for core exercises - they are so squishy you'll want to fall asleep on them at the end of class, because you're exhausted:) 
  4. Bouncy ball - for thigh and barre exercises
  5. Platforms - if you take a platform class - seriously look these up at your locations. OMG!
  6. Music - this helps keep you pushing through the burn!

How to Get the Most Out of the Workout: 

  1. Show up early so you can get acquainted with the studio and sign in (at least 15 min) 
  2. Introduce yourself to the instructor - they are ALWAYS so helpful and friendly and will help you with the equipment you'll need, otherwise, copy what others are setting out. 
  3. Stop when needed. Even instructors fatigue during the moves and need a rest. It's expected, but you jump back in and keep going when you're ready.  
  4. Drink water throughout class. 
  5. Check out the studio or gym's website and call ahead to chat to someone about what to expect specifically for their location. The corporate website links you to your site location's website and gives tips and tricks on what to expect, i.e. lingo they mention in class, more info on the technique, etc., so definitely take advantage of doing your research in advance. 
  6. Maybe do an in-person tour before your first class.  
  7. Dig deep and try to tighten and engage your muscles in each move. The tucks may look and feel a little uncoordinated at first but overtime you will get it. 
  8. Focus on you. Don't feel shame for stopping. You showed up so make this about you and not the person next to you. They have their own stuff to focus on. 

Find Your Inspiration: 

Websites are a thing for me. If your website doesn't catch my attention or look professional then I'm out. Pure Barre definitely has this together. What I love about it other than their design is all the information they post up on it for you. 

  • The breakdown of the technique
  • Lingo
  • And, stories of inspiration - I kept reading and reading and reading. It's all I needed to know I could find the money to pay each month. Not only was I happy for these women but I wanted to be one of those women, with my own story to tell. 


  1. Friendly and upbeat
  2. Super encouraging and motivating
  3. Hard working and dedicated


Location and studio dependent. 

  1. One timers = ~$20-$30+/session.  Look for FREE first timer class pass, if available. 
  2. Unlimited Packages = ~$13-$15+/session. Packages generally bring your cost down by paying in bulk. 

Where to Find a Studio/Class: 

Around Indy: 

  1. Fishers, Carmel, Greenwood, Broadripple, and soon to be Downtown. You can find your studio here: 
  2. Download the MindBody app and go to Explore, Fitness and search for Pure Barre to find a studio nearest you and book a class. Remember to look for First Class Free pass. 

Around the Country: 

  1. Download the MindBody app and go to Explore, Fitness, and search for Pure Barre. The nearest locations will pop up for you and you can book directly from the app. 
  2. Go to to find locations around the country. 

I'm so excited to finally have a workout where I leave feeling the burn on my booty. Since my college days, I've been missing that tight little thing. Not knowing if this will bring my booty back, but it's worth a shot. At least I know I'm giving my seat a good workout. The burn lasts for days, which I love.

Leave a comment or ask a question below. Let's feel the burn together:)