Three People to Get On Your Workout Speed Dial

I would consider myself disciplined. I workout weekly. Multiple times, actually. But the very thought of having to plan out my own workout, and set the time aside to do it on my own, is likely not going to get accomplished.

You know what I'm talking about right? 

Even though I'm a personal trainer, I very much prefer sweating it out with someone else. It's very, very hard to get motivated all alone. And, even if I can push myself to manage a workout session on my own, its probably not at capacity.

Gasp! How can a professional say such a thing???

Well, I am human after all. I coach you so you feel motivated to improve not only your health but other areas of your life. I get coached to improve the same. 

You don't always need a coach though to get your butt up and moving.

Want to know how I do it? 

I have these three peeps on speed dial whom make my workouts successful. Every.Single.Time. 

So go through your contacts list and see who you can find that might fit the mold of these profiles. I bet you find more than one:) 

1. Goal-oriented. Someone who is willing to take on a new challenge and put a goal towards it. For example, if I start running, I want someone in it with me who is on a similar mission. It could be to lose weight or run a mini-marathon. Whatever it is, we are both willing to work towards a common goal.

When you have a goal, you are more focused. When you are more focused, you see results.  

2. Reliable. This could very well be someone close to you but I highly suggest to think outside the box on this one. Speaking from experience, it's easy to flake on someone you know pretty well because you're not afraid of hurting their feelings.

Pick someone you semi-know instead. An acquaintance.  

Someone you don't know front to back. Who isn't going to bail on you because who flakes on someone they barely know? Each of you will feel a sense of accountability to your scheduled dates. This acquaintance can become more of a friend as the relationship flourishes but you still have a different respect for each other than you would your sister or best friend. I've met a ton of people who are interested in running and we all come together to train and do races together. We don't all run the same pace. We just commit to showing up, running the same route and finishing together. 

3. The Ride or Die, Bad Ass Friend - This is someone who already is pretty consistent with not missing a workout. Someone who is down to try new things, challenges and is supportive. Don't be afraid of holding this person back.

They WANT you to join them. 

Don't be afraid to ask to tag along with this person or ask them if they'd be willing to try a workout with you.  Even if you think it's lower key than what they do now. Movement to this person is all that matters.  I can bet they say yes about 99.99% of the time. 

So, there you have it. Three types of peeps that you can reach out to today. Write these out on a sheet of paper as you scroll through your contacts list. Then, start calling and texting them right away.  You'll be happy to have some accountability and consistent people to call on when you and your workouts need them the most. 

Leave a comment below and let me know who you have on speed dial.