5 Simple Tips to Make Working Out Work During The Holidays

Working out during the holidays tends to subside because of our busy schedule. Family parties, work events, friendsgiving and Christmas dates. It's overwhelming but so, so fun at the same time. You can easily get caught up in the shopping, food, and booze and just tell yourself it's time to relax. While taking a break is ABSOLUTELY A-OKAY, don't let relaxing turn into laziness and catch yourself slipping further and further away from your routine. 

So, I put together some simple tips to help you stay true to the course this holiday season.


Top Tips to Stay Active During the Holidays

1. Eat then go on a walk - we often eat ourselves into a food coma and can't wait to put on some sweatpants. Well, to help you get that second wind so you can hang out longer with the fam, try taking a walk. Recruit a few others from the party or just your closest comrad, and hit the pavement. It's a good bonding moment and you'll feel refreshed afterwards. Especially if it's a bit cold outside. Fresh air this time of year is underrated. 

Pro Tip: Take a walk before you eat so you are more focused on your eating selections and pace of each bite. You might find that you won't stuff your face as much. And, if your extra pro then go before and after. 

2. Keep it on the schedule and plan out at least two weeks - I still do this on Sundays. It's not perfect every week. I might forget something or try to wiggle in a surprise event here and there but majority of my week is planned before Monday even hits. I have reoccurring workouts booked out and I'm looking far enough ahead to know where I need to cancel, reschedule and work around family and friends events.

3. Set your New Year resolution early - Many people give up this time of year and just tell themselves that January 1st is the day they will recommit. Start now! Gyms aren't as full and you'll be weeks ahead of the others in regards to progress. You'll feel pumped and you'll likely motivate others to join you early too. It's a win-win. 

4. Reflect and reset - As I mentioned before, this time of year is a time to give thanks. I started this reflection publicly last year but waited until the new year to write it down. Here's a look at my reflection on 2015. 

My top ten of 2015:

10. Focused more on me first and getting my health back on track
9. Took woodworking classes and built a bench, a wooden clutch, and a writing desk!
8. Joined Stella & Dot to join a growing community of entrepreneurial women and learn a thing or two about sales and self promotion - and have fun!
7. Decided to pursue health and fitness more professionally
6. Signed up for an amazing female entrepreneur 90 day course to set me up for success
5. Went to Vegas for S&Ds annual Hoopla conference and came back with some major inspiration
4. Traveled to London for the first time ever (and by myself) for my 90 day course graduation event and met 12 other women along w our coaches and it was LIFE CHANGING:)
3. Vacationed w family and friends a hella of a lot to keep the connection alive and feed the soul
2. Witnessed dear friends get married and others add to their brood
1. Best of all - I close 2015 with a lot to be thankful for and I'm so grateful for all of it.

2016...I'm ready for u:)

When you're done giving thanks, then write down some new goals for the upcoming year. Then, break them down. We tend to write down lofty ones with no real action plan on how to get there. For example, lose 20lbs by next Christmas. How are you going to get there? Try writing down smaller goals, like Attend Strenght Training Class twice/week or Run 3x/week, at min 30 min/each time. These are more specific, attainable and will help you reach your 20lb weight loss goal. 

5. Stay accountable - Recruit a friend or two to stick it out with you.  They probably need the motivation just as much as you.  

There you have it. Short and simple. Now, don't wait for Sunday. Open your calendar today to start planning your next sweat sesh!