10 Ways to Give Thanks to Your Food, Family and Life As It Is

Today is my birthday! And, yes, I do still get excited about it. And, why not? I mean, I'm celebrating a lot that's happened over this past year. I launched FIT, FREE and happy (and convinced all of you to follow me on this journey - Thank you by the way!), became a certified Personal Trainer, got a raise at my day job, announced my pregnancy, had a healthy pregnancy, smooth delivery, postpartum life has primarily been great (with it's ups and downs of course), kept connections alive, rekindled old ones and most importantly learning to appreciate the things I have in front of me versus what's to come. 

My life is really a blessing. 

So because Thanksgiving is tomorrow (also my husband's birthday) I want to share 10 Ways To Give Thanks to the things that keep us alive and well. Enjoy! 

  1. Say please and thank you to those that support you, help feed you and love you unconditionally. We tend to forget to do this day in and day out. 
  2. Indulge in the food you eat because you've earned it. You've been in the gym and office working hard so treat yourself. You deserve it. 
  3. Reflect on your life over the past year and write down all the awesome things your thankful for. You'd be surprised how much this will lift you up and inspire you to savor your moments in time. 
  4. Do something nice for someone else. Possibly a stranger. One of my favorite things that happens throughout the year is going to Starbucks and the person in front of me has paid for my order. To pay it forward, I pay for the person behind me. It's a good feeling to do something nice for someone else. But, don't wait for someone do to something for you. Take action on your own and make someone's day. 
  5. Write thank you notes. Don't underestimate the power of a personalized, handwritten note that delivers in the mail. People go out of their way for you so be sure to give them a proper thanks. 
  6. Look up and away from your phone. These blue skies are something to be in awe of. The clouds, the sun, the colors they bring out. It's really a beautiful world out there so don't forget to enjoy it. 
  7. Take deep breathes often. I especially love doing this when I first walk out of the house. I'll stop on my porch steps, look up at the sky, the trees, the grass and take a deep breathe and give thanks. This helps calm any nerves, slows you down from the hustle and bustle and can re-energize you. 
  8. Schedule time on the calendar with an old friend or family member. Rekindling friendships and keeping connections alive is such a mood booster. Inspiration lives everywhere so do not discount it being right in front of you at lunch, over the phone or in an email. 
  9. Post something nice about someone else on social media. While this is a space that has had a lot of negativity lately, and not to mention can suck up your time away from the outside world, you can do a lot of good with it. I recently lost a blanket that was a gift given to my daughter and someone posted it to share in hopes to find us. A complete stranger connected with hundreds of people who resonated and genuinely cared about getting this blanket back to our sweet baby girl. There is still love in the world people! Use your mediums for good when you can. 
  10. Give someone a hug and squeeze. Don't forget to show affection to those you love and care about with some human touch. Hugs come naturally to my family and friends. We grew up Catholic and with lots of love in our families so hugs are always our way of saying hello and goodbye to each other. But don't underestimate the squeeze. A little extra can really show someone how much you care for them. 

There you have it. Give praise to your life as it is today and let tomorrow worry about itself:) 

Happy Thanksgiving!