Couple Workouts And Their Benefits

Working out does so many things for me personally that sharing my love for it has gone to a higher level. My new adventures in fitness helps me create variety and give you all the inside scoop on what these fitness trends are all about. And, what I'm most excited about is how my crazy love has spread to those around me. Friends, family and strangers are all reaching out wanting to know more. 

"Where did you take that class?!"
"You sure I won't look like a fool?" 
"Where can I sign up?!"

Tag, tag, comment, share. It's spreading amongst the best of us. 

And, amongst the best has been one person in particular that I'm super happy has followed along. My husband! Not only did he join me in a group training program over a year ago, but he's decided to finally try out Pilates too. I've been asking him for years to join me. I thought I was stoked just about him agreeing to go.  But, I was even more stoked after we left our session together and hearing him say how much he loved it. 

"Time flew by and my hips and flexors feel so much better." - Todd G. 

You have to know where he came from to know why this is so awesome.

Below is a bit of background on my hubby (Todd) and his relationship with fitness throughout life along with a little Q&A session. Hopefully his journey will inspire you to take the leap into Group Training, Pilates, or just moving your body again. Enjoy! 

Todd's Stats: 

  • Played hockey for 20 years; including college and 4-years pro
  • Skated in an adult league 1x/week for 6-years post pro
  • Burnt out on the routine of having to workout with the same weights and training
  • Eventually got discouraged on looks and growing ailments in hips, groin and back 
  • Wifey inspired to do something about it all
  • Joined a group training program at a local gym - been going for a year and 1/2 now

So, you had quite a gap in between your hockey career and your adult workout plan. Let's get into the details so my peeps can feel inspired. 

Q: You say I inspired you....thanks honey:) But, how so? 
A: You said I'd like the group training program you joined. You talked about how much stronger it made you feel and I could see differences in you so I was willing to go to check things out. I of course trusted you. 

Q: And, how'd it go? 
A: I really liked it. The instructor was and is a pro and I liked the mix of cardio with different freestyle weight training vs. the traditional bench, squat, deadlifts I was burnt out on. 

Q: How'd you feel after the first session? 
I immediately started to feel better. My back pain was almost non-existent and my pants started to fit better. 

"Half the battle was getting there, but once I was, I felt so much better."

Q: What do you like about being in a group program? 
A: I felt like I was part of a team again. There some competitiveness in each session. It pushes me to work harder. 

Q: You recently tried Pilates on the reformer machine. What inspired you to finally test it out?
I had heard that it would stretch me out more and it would probably help my knees and hips more. And, you signed me up for a private session so I was willing to go. 

Q: Were you resistant to try it? 
A: I just didn't know enough about it. It took you signing me up to actually try it. I felt better going with someone who knew what they were doing and had planned everything for me. 

"I was so focused on every move I wasn't clock watching."

Q: So, what did you think of it? 
A: I really liked it. I instantly felt better in my hips and hip flexors. I've felt looser ever since and that was two weeks ago. Class flew by. I was so focused on every move I wasn't clock watching. 

Q: Was it difficult?
It was pretty challenging. I was shaking on a lot of the moves and it showed me exactly how weak my hip flexors actually are, but stretching those out made me feel so much better. I was definitely sore afterwards but a good sore. 

Q: Are you planning on going back? 
Yeah. I had to plan it out a little but I start up next week and will go once a week on top of my group training classes that I take twice a week. I ended up signing up for a package and have it booked out for the next four weeks. 

Q: Do you feel like your juggling too much with your schedule? You also coach hockey three nights a week, have games on the weekends, and your a first-time dad. 
A: My schedule is busy but it's easier to do all of it when it's booked out. I'm more committed when it's planned. 

Q: Why do you make it work when you have so many things going on?
Before my daughter, I made it work because it makes me feel better. Now that I have a her, it's even more important to me to stay active. I want to be around for her and our family so I push myself to make it work.  

Q: What changes have you noticed in your relationship with your wife since you have started to work out again? 
We have even more in common. We talk about it at the dinner table. It creates more conversation at our house.  

My perspective...

Working out with my husband has definitely kept our life goals on the same page. We both know the importance of keeping the appointment with ourselves. Even more so now that we have a child. Our moods effect each other and our day-to-day interactions with other people. We are more motivated in our careers, relationship with others and each other. 

Even if you don't work out together, working out individually can be just as effective. Find what works for you and be open with your partner about your WHY. Why is it so important for you?

And, help the other see what they will reap from your happiness. 

Leave a comment below if you can relate or have a way you and your partner make it work. 

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