Cycle Class and All Its Hype

Cycle class is a hot trend these days. Especially if you live in a big city where Soul Cycle is located. I haven't actually tried a Soul Cycle class before but from what I hear and see it's all the rage, especially with the celebrities. It's pretty much a dance party on a bike. 

But are all cycle classes like Soul Cycle? 

No. That's why you gotta know what your getting into so you don't disappoint yourself. I give you all the deets you need to know before you go into a class, but to find the one that will really jazz you is personal preference. Check out my "Things to Know" section below to find the right class for you. 

But, I can tell you the #1 reason I attend cycle is because I get a hell of a sweat in just 60-minutes. There is no doubt about that whatsoever. Even if you kept a flat road (bike speak) for an hour you will definitely get in a good workout. But, make the most of it and follow my tips below so it's worth your while. And, let's not forget that it's fun and motivating.

I mean, who doesn't love a dance party on a bike?

Yep. That's right. Lights out. Loud music pumping in your ears. Neon lights glowing. And, your moving up and down on that bike so much that your ass burns to the core. But, you keep going because the burn drives results. Everyone is working just as hard. Plus time flies by so quickly in these classes that you leave saying to yourself, "Man that was hard. When we signin' up again?!"

I love it because music motivates me and I get in the zone. You seriously focus on yourself and less on others around you. So if you are afraid that you need to be in shape to join a class or attend a beginners class first - don't. Just jump right in 'cause it's challenging no matter where you start. 

Tempted to try a class?

Check out all the details below before you show up and get your ride on. 

Things to Know: 

Level of Difficulty: 

Medium - High

Who Qualifies: 

  1. Anyone! But as with any exercise routine please consult with your doctor beforehand, if needed. This workout pumps the heart pretty good. 
  2. Those with joint problems. The low impact supports your pain. 
  3. All ages capable of riding a stationary bike. 

Improvements You'll Experience: 

  1. Joint mobility
  2. Core Strength
  3. Lean Muscle Tone, especially in lower half (booty, booty, booty!)
  4. Coordination and Balance
  5. Cardiovascular Endurance
  6. High energy walking in and out of class

What It Burns: 

  1. Cycle has been documented to burn anywhere from 500-1000 calories in a 60 minute class. Of course this has a ton of depending factors, like your weight and intensity level. It's totally worth it! 
  2. Anticipate a shock to the a good way. If you are not used to working your large muscle groups and doing a lot a cardio then you will be out of breath and fatigue more quickly the first class. But don't fret. As with any regime, it gets easier the more you train. So stick with it and see what happens. 

What to Wear: 

  1. Form fitting gear. Loose tops are appropriate.
  2. Cycle shorts if you your a pro, but not required. The booty will be sore for a few days after but you get used to it. 
  3. Tennies or indoor cycle shoes. 
  4. Hair pulled back and up (this is my top fitness fashion tip for all sweat sessions. Pull that hair up!)

What NOT to Wear: 

  1. Baggy pants. They could get caught in the pedals! 
  2. Regular gym shorts. They ride up and get sticky when you are sittin' and sweatin'. 

What to Bring: 

  1. Water bottle x2
  2. A ready to work and fun attitude 

What the Studio/Gym Will Likely Have for You: 

  1. Small sweat towel
  2. Bottled water, for a fee, or water fill up station
  3. Weights - yes, you may work your upper body too with small hand weights or body bars

How to Get the Most Out of the Workout: 

  1. Show up early to class so you can get introduced to the bike and set up (at least 15 min) 
  2. Add intensity by turning the little knob on your bike - your instructor will show you and queue you on when to do this throughout class
  3. Slow down when you need to. They want you to last and come back! 
  4. Drink lots of water
  5. Check out the studio or gym's website, look at reviews, and call ahead to chat to someone about what to expect specifically for their location.
  6. Maybe do an in-person tour in advance. 
  7. Follow the instructor's lead. They know what they are doing. 


  1. Friendly and upbeat
  2. Super encouraging and motivating
  3. Hard working and dedicated


Location and size of studio depending. 

  1. One timers = ~$10-$25+/session.  Look for free first timer sessions, if available. 
  2. Packages = ~$15-$20/session, depending on studio and location. Packages generally bring your cost down by paying in bulk. 
  3. If you belong to a gym, cycle classes may be inclusive with your current fees. 

Where to Find a Studio/Class: 

Around Indy: 

  1. Just Ride Indy (my preferred location)- love this quaint studio. It can be found near downtown Indy at 10th and Brookside Ave. They have a Southwestern, urban vibe (their decor reflects this), dozens of bikes surrounding a rectangular room with the instructor on a small stage front and center. The phrase "Hey Ho, Let's Go" displayed on the background wall and neon lights shining up to showcase it. Small and trendy studio. Visit their site at for more info. 
  2. CYCLE BAR Carmel - this place was awesome. Located on the Northside of Indy. Expect a juice bar in the locker room, theater style seating, music videos running on flat screens at the front of class and competitive tele promps the whole class can see to keep you working harder than the bike next to you.  Visit their site at 
  3. Your Local Gym - If you have a membership somewhere check to see if they offer cycle classes. Most the time they are included in your monthly fees already. Check it out before you go. Some gyms might not spice up the atmosphere like a studio prides itself on so be prepared. Loud music and lights out may not be an option for your gym. But it may not be your jam anyway so make this your decision. 
  4. Download the MindBody app and go to Explore, Fitness and choose Indoor Cycle to find a location nearest you. 

Around the Country: 

  1. Download the MindBody app and go to Explore, Fitness, and choose Indoor Cycle. The top rated cycle classes in your area will pop up. 
  2. Type in a good 'ole fashion Google search for 'cycle studios in united states' or 'cycle studios in {insert your city and state}. If you want to get more specific, search for 'indoor competitive cycling', 'soul cycle' or 'indoor cycling in xxxxx zip code'

So, now you get why cycle class is full of hype? 

I love, love, love some good ole' hard core beats when I'm working out and cycle does just that for you. Add the element of a dark room, neon lights and an instructor jazzing you up every "hill" and you got yourself a motivating ride ahead of you. 

Have a studio you want to add to the list? Leave a comment below and let's get riding!