I Tried Ariel Silk Yoga and You Should Too

So, I'm on this new thrill seeking adventure with my fitness routine and it involves trying out new and existing fitness trends. I've found that it gives me not only variety in my own regime, but it helps keep my excitement levels up. I really, really look forward to these new challenges. 

But what I didn't expect was a brush with the circus arts. 

Just last week I explored an different concept of fitness through Ariel Silk Yoga on Indy's Westside of town. I stumbled upon this gem by just catching a featured story on the news. They were talking about Evo Rock + Fitness Indy. They were highlighting their indoor rock climbing facility but when I went to their site I saw they had a spin on their traditional yoga using silk ropes instead and I was stoked. 

I recruited some friends and we signed up. 

When we got there, we entered into this huge industrial warehouse but the inside was professionally built out and I was pretty impressed. Majority of the space is made up of rock climbing walls and climbing enthusiasts. If you go upstairs, there is a small fitness studio where these silk ropes hang from the ceiling. They're anchored into the roof and can hold a tremendous amount of weight. The instructor was so calm that I trusted her lead when all six of us where suspending in the air at once. So, no need to fear. The silks are like hammocks so their strength is incredible. 

We did moves that had us hanging upside down, suspending solely from the ropes with no hand or feet assistance. We did what they called the Angel and Sleeping Beauty which are intended to look ever-so graceful when executed correctly. You feel like a ballerina in air when you are wrapped around these beautiful things. 

This class was fun and respectfully hard. The art and strength that goes into this type of workout is something to be admired. You don't have to like Yoga to enjoy yourself either. Personally, I don't favor Yoga mainly due to the up and down nature of the moves. I have arthritis and it puts a lot of pressure on my wrists and I find the blood rush to my head more uncomfortable than enjoyable. But, Ariel Silks put a spin on it. You get the same benefits of regular Yoga but ten-fold. The strength and grace required take some focus and skill. But, it's worth trying out at least once to see if it's for you or not. 

Evo Rock + Fitness Indy Silks 101 instructor. She's amazing! 

Evo Rock + Fitness Indy Silks 101 instructor. She's amazing! 

So you want to try it out? 

Here are the deets: 

Level of Difficulty: Medium - High

Who Qualifies: 

  1. Those who are open to hanging upside down, using your upper and core body strength
  2. Kids-Adults (check the fine print for ages accepted)
  3. All body types and sizes

Improvements to Expect: 

  1. Flexibility and Agility
  2. Core Strength
  3. Lean Muscle Tone
  4. Coordination and Balance
  5. Enhanced Circulation
  6. Confidence

What to Wear/Not to Wear: 

  1. Form fitting gear (long tights and a long sleeve shirt for beginners) 
  2. No baggy clothes or shorts
  3. No socks or tennies
  4. Hair pulled back and up

What to Bring: 

  1. Water bottle
  2. An open-mind and fun attitude 


  1. Friendly
  2. Knowledgeable
  3. Community-spirited


  1. Ariel Silks 101 = ~$20+/session, but look for free first timer sessions, if available
  2. Advanced Silks = n/a. These are for the experienced ones. 

How to Find a Studio/Class: 

Around Indy: 
1. Evo Rock + Fitness - can be found at a select few locations across the country, including Indianapolis, New Hampshire, Maine and Colorado. You can check out their corporate site at www.evorock.com for more info. 
2. Cirque Indy - Indy’s one and only circus school, specializing in aerial circus arts. http://www.cirqueindy.com/
3. Mindful Movement Studio - Yoga and Pilates studio with an Ariel Silks offering. http://www.mindfulmovementstudio.com/

Around the Country: 
Type in a good 'ole fashion Google search for 'ariel silk yoga studios in united states' or 'ariel silk yoga studios in {insert your city and state}. 

I had such a blast with this session. I smiled more than anything. You just might see me in the circus someday.  

Leave a comment or email me at info@fitfreehappy.com if you have a question or insights you'd like to share.