My Happy Space In Progress - What We Are Tackling First

I get all sorts of cozy in a space that is surrounded with stories. Our little bungalow home (built in 1950ish) is getting a refresh after 12 years of living here. Two bedroom, one bath upstairs and a basement space that can create more space for us once we clean it up. There’s a den, bedroom and half bath down there you guys!

Historic Irvington - 2019

Historic Irvington - 2019

Happy Spaces is my love for home decor, design and tacking on our own story to our home that is just how we want it to be.

While more space would be nice to have, I’m reminded of all the stuff we would have to buy just to fill it up.

So, no thanks to bigger spaces (for now), and here’s to simple living.

Our babies will share a room. Yes we will have one of each but kids don’t know any better. I shared a room with my three sisters and slept in bunk beds my grandpa built, with a trundle bed my little sister slept on. My brother’s room was a converted pantry space. My grandpa built him a dorm loft that included his bed, dresser and closet all in one.

We survived and I don’t ever remember complaining (Well…I’m sure I might have if you ask my mom:)). I actually still shared a room when we moved to a bigger house. I don’t see a problem with sharing space. So that’s how we are rolling with our own fam.

I shared my inspiration and vision for our place in the My Happy Space - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly post. Checkout the progress we are making below! All things with a date mean complete!

The hearts are the reward (Happy) items we chose to push up on the list due to timing of year and just plain reward for our work on killing our debt.

It’s been fun, but I have some mental work to do on practicing patience and allowing us to celebrate by accomplishing these things. So much more we would like to tackle but baby steps and reminders to keep it simple. After all, we don’t have to go into debt to be happy.

Do you have a Happy Space?