My Trip to The Fixer Upper Silos and Austin City Limits

If you read the latest post in my new Happy Spaces blog category then you know Joanna Gaines is one person I seriously admire when it comes to design.

Her path to success, love for family and following her passion are all things that make her so loveable. While staying true to herself.

My husband and I have watched all the Fixer Upper episodes and I got the Homebody book she released last year as another source of inspiration.

While I was contemplating a get-a-way trip with friends, Austin, TX kept coming up. We have friends that live there that we haven’t visited in years. So we thought about the timing and we planned for the Fall of 2018. We paired the trip with an opportunity to go to Ausitn City Limits Music Festival and of course a day trip to Waco to visit The Magnolia Silos. I was in heaven.

ACL is the first two-weekends in October. It’s grown so big, they offer two different times! So many greats and new bands I discovered. My favs were Elle King (who is actor Rob Schneider’s daughter). Her voice and music is so good. We also saw Paul McCartney! Others…Metallica, Janelle Monae, Travis Scott, Nelly and many new to me bands that are up and coming. So worth it.

Here are the highlights from the trip:

Austin in October is still super hot. So we enjoyed Summer heat for a few more days until Indy Fall weather hit.

We definitely can tell our age by finding the shade and hydrating more than drinking;) But there were plenty of age ranges all around so we fit right in.

Lots of shopping. I went so slow through the whole Magnolia Market. I didn’t want to miss a thing. It’s amazing what they have built from their dreams.

The bakery at the silo was so amazing! All recipes are Joanna’s own.

Waco was like being on set of HGTV. I just couldn’t help but be a bit jelly and admire what they have built from the ground up.  Did you know they bring out ~50k visitors to the city every week?!

But when we went it wasn’t crowded at all. It was a Thursday afternoon so seemed to be perfect timing.

I recommend you get out there if you’re into home decor and/or outdoor music. The festival has a time limit since it’s hosted in a park so it’s not like you will have to wait around for your favorite band until wee hours. I’ve been to one like that before. And no camping! We stayed with friends so that saved us money, but you need to plan ahead if you plan to get a hotel. We walked a ton of miles from the park to our car in the city. But I didn’t mind that at all.

Will you make a trip to Waco and Austin in the future?


Homebody: A Guide to Creating Spaces You Never Want to Leave by Joanna Gaines

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