My Top Workouts That Tone, Strengthen and Trim

It’s no secret that I like to workout.

I’m guessing that’s why you’re here in the first place:) So, I’m giving you my top workouts that I’ve learned to love over the years and giving you the reasons why.

My biggest piece of advice for someone trying to find that one thing that will get them the results is to try multiple things. A mixture of a few or many might just help you in your journey.

Here’s why:

  • You train different muscles with different styles of workouts

  • You get more cardio with some than others

  • You get more strength with weights with some than others

And here’s my favorite reason:

You meet new friends along the way at each place. Even if it’s just the friendly face checking you in before workout. They come to know you and you come to know them. Even if it is only by a hello each time. Motivation comes from the people that surround you. That’s where your commitment will thrive. When you have a common support group you can count on being there each time with you. You show up, they show up and you all meet your individual goals together.

So here are my top workouts that have driven results for me in combination of each other:

  • Bootcamp - a mix of hard core cardio, body weight and weight training

  • Running - jogging, even if you only top out at 3 miles at a time. Multiple times a week and you’ll see slimming results. No less than 3 times/week.

  • Pilates - barre, reformer, mat classes have all done it for me. A few times a week in combo with running, I was the slimmest looking I had ever been. Pilates is also low impact but a great core strenghtener.

  • Hot Yoga/Pilates - the high intensity burn with Pilates and Yoga principles mixed in is a formula for fast fat burning results. I do this in combo with Bootcamps and Barre classes.

I workout 3-4-5 days a week, depending on my schedule and how I’m feeling. When I’m really dedicated, I go up to 6 times/week.


On top of these workouts, nutrition has also played a role. Fewer portions, healthier greens and balance.

What has really worked for me in the last few years has been the Tone It Up Nutrition Plan. While it was a shift in diet for me, I didn’t see it as a diet. It’s a change in lifestyle and habit. It forced me to prepare my food in advance and focus on what I was really putting in my body. And it drove some slimming results.

Two months before starting plan. Not feeling like myself, still carrying baby weight.

Two months before starting plan. Not feeling like myself, still carrying baby weight.

October 2017 - 6 weeks post starting plan

October 2017 - 6 weeks post starting plan

The pic to the left (on the beach) was in June 2017.

The pics on the bottom (in workout gear) are the progression from the week’s following the TIU Nutrition Plan. I dropped about 8- 10 lbs and felt as lean as I ever have. All while sticking to my workout plans.

November 2017 - 12 weeks post starting plan

November 2017 - 12 weeks post starting plan

October 2017 TIU Tour Chicago - I met them!

October 2017 TIU Tour Chicago - I met them!

In June 2017, Claire was about 10 months and I was still carrying baby weight. I didn’t feel 100% back to myself yet. Still having the lingering effects of coming off breast feeding. Uncomfortable in a lot of tanks, jeans and my old workout clothes even. Working out a lot but eating whatever I want too.

Once I started the plan in August 2017, it only took about 6 weeks to really see the drop in weight.

I highly recommend it. You’re a member for life and get access to all updated recipes guides as they release them. It’s my go to for healthy recipes.

And, they are a brand I can trust. They developed their own protein powder that I tried and loved it. Vanilla flavoring is great for smoothies and the desserts they offer in the plan. I’m very cautious about supplements. I never take them to be honest. But I trusted their product and took a leap. It has the most healthiest ingredients that aren’t doing anything else but good to my body.

So, there you have it!

What Workouts Tone, Strengthen and Trim You?