My Happy Space - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

Happy spaces are where I gain a ton of inspiration and why I wanted to start a category all by itself.

I get a new found energy, comfort and peace in spaces that have an ambiance to ‘em. I adore Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper farmhouse, Emily Henderson’s clean and modern style, and Apartment Therapy’s tips for design in small spaces. These people and blogs keep me inspired and motivated to put my dreams to work in my own space, without feeling overwhelmed.

In my 20s, I spent my money a new pair of jeans and clutch for the weekend. In my 30s, my mortgage and bills have taken priority. But, I gain serious inspo from those people I listed above and with our debt becoming zero in a month (yay!), I’m ready to prioritize our house.

I have a list of uglys that we must do before we can really do some fun things. And, patience is the name of the game, which I have ZERO of but keeping the eye on the prize.

Here are my Inspo Boards from Pinterest that are keeping me focused.

And here’s the ‘bad and ugly’ list before we get to the above….uggh

Insert my best Aunt Carol eye roll ‘cause this is not what we want to spend our money on, but we press on.

  1. Basement Trench - what the ‘eff is this and why are we spending 1000s on this for our house? To help with waterproofing the basement so we can use that space finally!

  2. Basement Mildew Cleanup and Paint - $$$

  3. Gutter Repairs - to keep #1 and #2 in check- $$$

  4. Dirt fill around the house - again, to keep #1 and #2 in check - $$$

  5. Backyard Fence Repairs- ‘cause our dogs have created more self-made windows to our neighbors yard than I care to admit - $$$

  6. Power washing fence and siding - FREE, just borrowing my dad’s!

  7. Screen porch repair (replace torn screen and fix front door) - $$$

  8. Driveway and Front Porch Concrete Repair - $$$$, last priority ‘cause it’s so pricey but we need some porch repairs that are crumbling and our driveway and sidewalk redone.

We don’t have an indispobale income so looking at what everything is going to cost us can be pretty stressful. But we have put ourselves in a position where we will be debt free in a month (May 2019!) so we can budget cash for each of these expenses and space it out amongst bills, vacays and other priorities. Check out my blog post on how we started paying down our debt and becoming debt free in just 15-months.

Here’s what we can look forward to with Pinterest keeping us inspired.

  1. Landscaping Updates

  2. Updated exterior lighting

  3. Paint interior rooms

  4. Add wallpaper to a few statement walls/rooms (excited for this one)

  5. Refinish Wood Flooring

  6. Replace Kitchen Flooring

  7. Update kitchen appliances

  8. New kitchen sink and backsplash

  9. Curtain and blind updates in bedrooms

  10. Outdoor patio lights and furniture

  11. Basement Remodel

  12. Backdoor Update

  13. Bathroom mirror and lighting updates - this is where wallpaper may go!

Any recommendations on contractors to use in the Indy area for any of these let me know! I linked to those above that we have used so far for the things we need to outsource. And I’ll update as we move along.

What’s Your Happy Space?