Podcast Episode #1 - Listening to Your Gut

Whoop, whoop! First time podcaster over here!

While I hate the sound of my voice on a recorder it’s the stories I love listening to that pushed me into trying this podcast thing out. I’m a 20+ questions kind of person when we meet. I’m just so curious what it really takes for people to be where they are in life. Sometimes, we only see the success but it’s the battles and reasons ‘why’ that we don’t always uncover. So I wanted to introduce you to those people and their journeys that really make you connect with the person on the other side.

My first guest is a friend and a huge supporter of the Indy Fitness Fest and what FIT, FREE and happy has become to date. I admire her personally and professional, and between both of those, it’s her realness that really makes me love her so. She talks about all the things she’s been going through over the last few years and how she’s been seeking answers to challenges she has been faced with.

She proves that listening to your gut, inside and out, can create progress in the right direction.

You’ll hear all about:

Melissa Gindling is a momma to two young boys and a hard ass working woman in the tech space in Indianapolis. She really digs into how listening to your gut, figuratively and literally, can lead to progress and happiness in life.


Listening To Your Gut Pays Off