Podcast Episode #2 - Taking the Leap and the Indy Fitness Community by Storm

Episode #2 for ya and it’s a goodie!

I invited Maria Romaine Brace to join me as my second guest on the show. I met her a few years ago when I was first launching my biz and I’ve admired her ever since.

She is the founder of Like the Lettuce Health + Fitness that’s made up of 1:1 coaching, nutrition challenges, accountability groups, cycle and dance fitness classes and Beachbody workouts.

She is the epitome of hustle and motivation in my book.

Maria is a dog-momma, wife, sister, friend, mentor, coach and motivator to those around her. Residing in Indianapolis, IN she has made quite the name for herself on social media (in all the right ways!). She really tells you what it was like for her to say yes to her own health and why she decided to leave a job she loved for something she loved more.

Living out your passion isn’t easy. But she makes it look so fun and worth the risks involved…but not without a plan.

What you’ll walk away with is a story of drive and inspiration and a coach you can lean on to help you with your journey.

She talks all about making her health a priority and finally walking the talk. Stuck in an unhealthy rut nearing the end of college she enlisted her degree in Health and Exercise Science for the answers. She added Beachbody as an extra component and her life today looks a million times different.  

Over the last ten-years, she's made a name for herself as a top Indianapolis fitness influencer, motivator, coach, and instructor. She does it all it seems and has managed it all on top of a full-time career...until this past year. She took the leap and broke free from corporate world to pursue life as a full-time health and fitness coach. She opens up about the challenges and decisions she took to get there and how fitness continues to be her biggest reward through it all.

She’s also been one of the biggest contributors and supporters of the Indy Fitness Festival, a studio crawl I created in our hometown. Without her (and others alike) it wouldn’t have been possible.


Oh, and guess what?! She loves sweets as much as we do! She’s relatable, kind, and kick ass all in one.

You’ll hear all about:

  • How college was her wake up call to getting her health in check

  • Becoming a Beachbody Coach - how it’s helped make her an income worth $$,$$$’s

  • Accountability and why it’s so so so important to success

  • Leaving corporate to become her own boss - including the planning and time it took

  • The ups and downs of living out your passion - she keeps it real here

  • Her inspirations - some new ones to add to your list of social stalking

I love this girl!

You can find Maria in all the following places.

Like the Lettuce Health + Fitness

She is so personable and sweet. I encourage you to reach out to her 1:1 if you are looking to make a change and want her help.

The take-a-ways from today's episode? Do today, not yesterday my friends! 

Taking a Leap in Health, Career and Happiness