A Sun Lamp Revealed the Real Sun Damage Underneath My Skin

Hey there! It’s no secret that I have sun damage from playing softball and basking in the sun as a younger self. Follow me on Instagram and I post about it from time to time.

But here is the post where I share personal photos of the process I’ve been taking to reverse it all. I’ve been at it for about 5 years and I still have a ways to go. But don’t let my journey discourage you from getting a consult.

I was never a “I need work done” kind of girl. I shied away from it all ‘cause I had really great skin. But once you’re in it for yourself, you look for what works for you.

I recently had a chemical peel in October that I was soooo looking forward to.Make sure to read my post on chemical peels here. But I wasn’t super pleased with the results. I peeled, but not a lot. It didn’t grab at the spots I dread seeing everyday. They are deeper than what the peel could latch onto. But, it did peel some and I see it as progress. So it’s not a miracle working solution but it works for me. A little at a time.

And speaking of progress, here’s some lost footage I found after de-cluttering my basement last weekend. I’ve been dying to find these to show you where I started. I plan to take more recent photos for you once I can get my hands on a UV lamp again.

This my friends is what motivates change.

May 2014 - No peels to date. Tears fell when I saw what was to come.

May 2014 - No peels to date. Tears fell when I saw what was to come.

May 2015 - One Peel and One Year later. Progress.

May 2015 - One Peel and One Year later. Progress.

I can see the progress from one to the next. Horns above the eyes a bit less and cheeks as well. I’ll tell you the first picture was my motivation to do something. I was seeing the upper lip and some spots on my cheeks visibly to the eye but all the black (including the cheeks and above the eyes) was what was to come. I made the decision to tackle it before it came out on it’s own.

And in 2017, post baby and multiple peels and even a deep peel later, this is what continued to come to the surface. In real life. No UV lamps to show it. You could see if for yourself if we were face-to-face. This is no makeup, in the Summer time.

instagram post.png

It’s a process and I know it will be maintenance I will manage for life.

And if you need any extra motivation, check this short film out on How the sun sees you.

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