6 Baby Steps to a FIT, FREE and happy 2019

I always use this time of year to set new intentions, goals, whatever you want to call it. Some say that’s silly to use a single day of the calendar to announce your path forward. I say, hop on the wagon and take it for what it is. I don’t just use this day to reset. I’m constantly self-checking throughout the calendar year. But, if you need some motivation, this time of year is definitely the time to really do it.

Statistics might be against you sticking to your plans so make sure you’re setting realistic and measurable ones. Instead of running 5 miles this week when you haven’t run since high school, try to walk/jog 1/2 mile this week. Baby steps my friends. You need baby steps.

I just hear financial guru, Dave Ramsey in my ear when I say this to you! His outlook to financial freedom is with a series of baby steps. Cutting debt one step at a time.

So I took some inspo from his pages and came up with my own guide for you to jumpstart your fitness and happiness journey in 2019. I’m a firm believer that fitness is a starting platform to bring you confidence and happiness in other aspects of your life. So let’s refresh, restart or just begin what your fitness routine is or isn’t and evolve from there.

Now, lets’s make progress on those goals of yours!

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6 Baby Steps to a FIT, FREE and happy 2019

  1. Set your budget

    Of course I start here. Finances are the heart of all my decisions and It’s the first thing people ask me when they say where can I work out that isn’t going to break the bank.

  2. List out your goals then break em down

    Run a marathon on your list? What should be your first step? Sign up for a training group, download a plan, or get a coach/friend to hold you accountable.

    Lose 10 lbs? How about start with a nutrition plan (tone it up is my fav) or setting a goal to weight train 2-3 times a week for 20 min to trim down.

    Keep ‘em realistic and measurable.

  3. Find a starting point

    Don’t overdue it with trying to accomplish all your goals in the first day or week. It’s a journey. Find one place to begin, put it on the calendar and prep your support team leading up to the first day.

    When I started my finance journey with Dave Ramsey’s baby steps, I took a Saturday to go to the library and get organized, listing out all our debt and bills. I told my husband I needed 3-4 hours. He watched the baby and it was the first step to getting focused on becoming debt free.

  4. Share your journey with someone

    You here the term accountability all the time. It holds true for nearly every goal you set.

    Tell a friend, significant other, your family. People get inspired by other people. Even if you do it privately, share it. You might find a new companion in someone who wants to join you for the ride.

  5. Invest Mentally

    Daily affirmations, mediation and journaling are all good tactics to visualize and set intention. Plus these help you strengthen your patience for the path ahead and reflect back where you write them down.

  6. Invest Financially, if and where possible.

    What did you put in step #1 as your monetary budget? Zero? $25/mo? $100/mo?

    That’s your investment here. Don’t get commitment-phobia! You have plenty of low cost options, time flexible and low commitment. Look for streaming workouts you can do at home or download to your phone. I love the Nike Training Club app (free) and Daily Burn ($13/mo) have loads of intensity and styles of workouts. Also look for places that offer punchcards passes. You just pay for a set amount of classes within a longer time period with no monthly commitment.

    Consider your budget and lifestyle. If your evenings are at the mercy of your kids schedules then look for low commitment, flexible options like the ones above.

    You could also consider investing in the proper gear to make you feel comfortable and properly support and motivate you more. New shoes at the least are my recommendation here. Amazon is my go to for shoe purchases. But if you are new to workout shoes, going into a local store to get properly fitted is something you should consider. Especially if running is on your list.

    A new sports bra is also a must. Marshalls, Target and Old Navy all have low cost, good quality gear to help stay within budget. Dick’s has sales and low cost rack items to choose from too.

  7. Put it on the calendar

    Once you have your goals, accountability and investments in order it’s time to schedule them babies out! I plan my workouts out on Sundays and tell my husband my plans (multiple times) leading into each day so there are no conflicts that we ‘forgot’ about. I also check in with friends who like to meet up. We check in and make it work where we can and cancelling on each other is something we rarely do once we commit. A calendar meeting is hard to break, especially if you are paying for the service and you have put in effort to make it work with others who are counting on you.

    Plan. Share. Repeat.

Will you Baby Step Your Way to a FIT, FREE and happy life in 2019?