My mission

To help you get up and move! 


Because you're missing out just sitting around. I love to move 

Change keeps your body guessing. Which gets you the results you want over and over and over again. 

Get out of your comfort zone, be open to new people and places and watch your body morph into a strong, sleek and powerful frame. It's a wonderful thing. And, it is possible at any age.

What I do

I've been delivering fitness inspirations to people forever, but 2016 was the year I broke out into the Internet of Things. I wanted a way to help more awesome people like yourself find the fun in fitness again. So, I launched FIT, FREE and happy! 

Consider me your fitness matchmaker.

I find the best and most hidden fitness gems around. I blog about any and everything I experience in the health world and what it all has to offer. I'm all about giving you the inside skinny so you show up looking like a pro and worry less.

You'll get nothing but motivation, encouragement and hopefully a bit of inspiration from me. I explore everything fitness has to offer. From the little unknown studio (or popular one), a top notch trainer or helping you navigate your gym membership. All the things your curious about, afraid to approach or never thought about trying. I show you the who, what, where and how and get you to show up. Once you're there, you gain the confidence to go back again and again. 

You Get all different kinds of fitness.

Workouts, equipment, classes, instructors, gear and all the like. The most exciting thing about experiencing something new is the inspiration you gain beyond the sweat. It's the badass confidence boost you gain as a result.

This brings me the most happiness. 

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Favorite Quote

"It's not about perfect. It's about effort." 

 - Jillian Michaels

Favorite Athlete 

Peyton Manning
Colt or Bronco. I love him. 

Go to Work out  

A solo run with no head phones. Just me and the outdoors!


Where are you from? 

Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. Home of the Colts, Pacers, and Indy 500. Indy is full of history. I live in a historic neighborhood, where I grew up and went to school. I tampered with the idea of moving out of state when I was younger but my heart is too fond of my friends, family and this city. It’s really a great place to live.  

Have you always been into Health and Fitness? 

Yes! It's been my blueprint since forever. I grew up playing sports and played college softball at Purdue University. I was a Boilermaker fan at a very young age and was so stoked to wear the official uniform. Being an athlete comes with an identity that I really relate to.  


What’s your favorite workout gear?

Nike’s my fav because of the quality and design of their clothes. But I will wear anything that is comfortable, flattering and with a little trend. I ask this Q to all my fellow fitness enthusiasts. I like to learn about what’s new and expand my closet a bit.  

Why is variety so important? 

Mixing it up is not only good for the body but for the brain too. I can't sit still for very long so having a repetitive workout will wear on me. Don't get me wrong. Consistency is key but it doesn't always have to be the same movements. As long as you are moving consistently, 3-4 or 4-5 days a week, then you will see results over and over again. 

How so? Variety will actually help you burn more calories. Have you ever consistently worked out but plateaued? That's because your body got bored, and got used to the challenge. Try mixing it up a few times a week then switch again the following month and see what happens.  

My go to breakfast.  

Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. Bananas and strawberries are my favs and berries in general help with inflammation, which I get every so often. I’ll switch it up some days and whip up some eggs and wheat toast as an alternative. Avocado is something I sometimes add in with my toast spread. Pretty, pretty good.    

What makes you happy?  

Hmmm. Let’s list ‘em! Summer and Fall, concerts, any body of water (lakes, ocean, pools, even a sprinkler!), vacations, spending my days outside, a solid sweat session, family time, shopping, a really good movie – I only go to the movies about once a year…eek, and going out to a nice dinner with my husband and friends. This list can go on and on!


What do you do to relax?  

Ha! This is a good one. I am a hyper soul. I never tend to slow down and always on the move. So, relaxing for me is doing all the things above that make me happy. It drives my family and friends crazy that I never sit still but it’s how I prefer to live. I know when I’m in over my head and a nap is my go to for taking it easy.  

A tip for women who live a busy life and want to fit in a workout.  

Make it a priority. If it’s not scheduled, it’s not important. I was notorious for double, sometimes triple, booking myself and my workouts never won. I do a much better job at living by my calendar and making plans around my workouts. Plan your week out on a Sunday so you have your workouts and life plans all laid out in advance.