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My StorY:

Hey there! I’m Angi and I’m married to my childhood crush. A momma to two-year old Claire James. A former D-1 athlete and fitness fanatic. I created FIT, FREE and happy to live my best life out loud and find new friends and workouts along the way.

I change it up and share what I’m learning to help you know what’s out there.. Not just fitness either.

I’m into all things health and wellness:

  • Skin care - this has been a biggie for me in my 30s.

  • Food - but I don’t cook

  • Travel - which I want to do more of

  • Home Decor - I love Joanna Gaines

  • Finances - with Dave Ramsey. It’s my latest obsession.

  • Destressing techniques - ‘cause I have an eye twitch that hasn’t gone away in months and I stress way too much about the little things

I write all about these things on the blog when I have time. And in my weekly newsletter. But definitely more on Instagram.

Thanks for following along and I hope to be friends for the long haul.


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