hi! I'm Angi and I'm so glad you are here! 

I grew up an athlete. Dance, cheer, volleyball, basketball, kickball (yes, this was competitive!), softball, and track. I did it all. I was a three-sport varsity athlete all through high school. I went on to play college softball at Purdue University (my dream school), and I'm still very passionate about being active. It's in my blood and it's who I am.  

But, it's not easy. I work hard to enjoy myself. I don't wake up feeling motivated every day. Each day is more of a brain game than anything. I train my thoughts to push me ahead. It works and I'll teach you some tricks. 

When my competitive days were over, the discipline to get up and perform on my own became hard. Real hard. I had the strength and conditioning training, but no guided plan. I winged it and most the time my heart rate didn't get high enough to burn what I was eating. 

Nutrition was tough. When I was playing, I was used to eating large portions to fuel my body. I'd eat either a full plate of spaghetti (my go to!) with two pieces of Texas Toast or a full bowl of chicken noodle and a nearly a whole pack of Saltines. I couldn't keep that up anymore and I was a little lost. Not great in the kitchen...AT ALL....I winged my meals too. Frozen, lean cuisines seemed like a good idea.   

It worked for me, for the most part. Until it didn't anymore.  

In 2011, I started a new job, worked crazy long hours, and let my workouts go to the wayside. At the same time, I was diagnosed with an form of rheumatoid arthritis. I was only thirty at the time and it was scary. I woke up one day and it became harder and harder to stand out of my chair, put on my clothes and even apply my make up. My joints were sore and my hands were on fire. I sought help from the best, had surgery on both hands and got the rest under control. But it took time. With that came weight gain and it messed with my ability to perform at a certain level. Running long distances was not in my plan any more. I ran nearly 10 mini marathons in my 20's and I had hit a 2:03 as a personal best the year before I was diagnosed. I would now tighten up and my joints couldn't manage the impact. I lost core strength too which made it even harder to bear with the added weight I gained. All the sudden doing a crunch left me with added rolls I couldn't stomach to feel or look at. I was unhappy and out of my element. I needed a change. 

I finally figured out that I had to let go of what's worked or not worked for me in the past. I had to realize that people and bodies change. I could achieve what I once had but I needed a new way to get there. I finally found it through a group program that fits me perfectly and the accountability from that group has set it apart. Plus my husband does it with me and he loves it too! It's helped me find my passion again and I'm so excited to share it with you all. 

When I started to reinvest in me is when bigger things started to happen. I not only work out to look better, but I’m more focused on my nutrition. In return, it helps offset any ailments I might endure long term with my arthritis. I have more energy and a happier outlook on life. 

And, the best part is that I have found my happiness in making this a possibility for you too.

Click below to get started and let's get and stay FIT, FREE and happy together!    


More about Angi

Favorite Quote

"It's not about perfect. It's about effort." 

 - Jillian Michaels

Favorite Athlete 

Peyton Manning
Colt or Bronco. I love him. 

Go to Work out  

A solo run with no head phones. Just me and the outdoors!


Where are you from? 

Born and raised in Indianapolis, IN. Home of the Colts, Pacers, and Indy 500. Indy is full of history. I live in a historic neighborhood, where I grew up and went to school. I tampered with the idea of moving out of state when I was younger but my heart is too fond of my friends, family and this city. It’s really a great place to live.  

Have you always been into Health and Fitness? 

Yes! It's been my blueprint since forever. I grew up playing sports and played college softball at Purdue University. I was a Boilermaker fan at a very young age and was so stoked to wear the official uniform. Being an athlete comes with an identity that I really relate to.  


What’s your favorite workout gear?

Nike’s my fav because of the quality and design of their clothes. But I will wear anything that is comfortable, flattering and with a little trend. I ask this Q to all my fellow fitness enthusiasts. I like to learn about what’s new and expand my closet a bit.  

Why are your workouts so effective?  

I focus on movements that will get you quick results but are manageable on the body for a lifetime. I meet you where you are in your fitness routine and encourage you along the way. A little tough love in a supported community is what you can expect from me. I am committed to make you better in more ways than expected which makes working together so much fun. The feeling you have after a session will have you excited to come back for more because you feel the results almost immediately. The confidence gained is A-MA-ZING!  

My go to breakfast.  

Greek yogurt with fresh fruit. Bananas and strawberries are my favs and berries in general help with inflammation, which I get every so often. I’ll switch it up some days and whip up some eggs and wheat toast as an alternative. Avocado is something I want to add in with my toast. It just sounds really good right now.   

What makes you happy?  

Hmmm. Let’s list ‘em! Summer and Fall, concerts, any body of water (lakes, ocean, pools, even a sprinkler!), vacations, spending my days outside, a solid sweat session, family time, shopping, a really good movie – I only go to the movies about once a year…eek, and going out to a nice dinner with my husband and friends. This list can go on and on!


What do you do to relax?  

Ha! This is a good one. I am a hyper soul. I never tend to slow down and always on the move. So, relaxing for me is doing all the things above that make me happy. It drives my family and friends crazy that I never sit still but it’s how I prefer to live. I know when I’m in over my head and a nap is my go to for taking it easy.  

A tip for women who live a busy life and want to fit in a workout.  

Make it a priority. If it’s not scheduled, it’s not important. I was notorious for double, sometimes triple, booking myself and my workouts never won. I do a much better job at living by my calendar and making plans around my workouts. Plan your week out on a Sunday so you have your workouts and life plans all laid out in advance.