Movement is my Jam. Connecting you with those that move is how it works.

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Indy Fitness Festival

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It's a studio crawl event!

Indy's most unique fitness experience opening it's doors to over 17 locations and 50+ classes over 3 days.  All locations are offering full length classes ranging from 30-60 min where you can experience the atmosphere and instructors that inspire us the most. It's about making fitness fun again, exploring your city and treating your body and mind right.



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Hey! I’m Angi.

And I like to workout.

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Yeah, you heard that right.

Working out is my thing. I grew up in sports and played college softball at Purdue University (GO BOILERS!). Being active is part of my identity. Like legit. I have a void when I’m not busy moving.

But it’s ebbed and flowed in my adults years. I get it. It’s hard. I like ice cream, pizza and chips and salsa too. I also work a 9-5, have a toddler and a husband, volunteer, coach, and run this biz. But there’s still a way to find time, and most importantly, find time for what works for you. I don’t have this balance thing down pat. I’m fakin’ it to make it most days. But, keep showing up and results will follow.



What’s Happening


My Weekly Schedule

I told ya I like to workout, right? Follow me each week to see where I’ll be. Some weeks, it’s consistent. Other days, I’m hopping around to mix it up. I’d love for you to join me!


Indy Fitness Festival

A studio crawl event giving you access to the best of the best in the cities of Indianapolis and Carmel, IN. Where you can experience life inside the studio over 3-days.


The Podcast

I LOVE chattin’ it up with old friends and meeting new ones. It’s their backstories that really inspire and motivate me to do more in life. Take a listen for yourself.


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If you missed the Indy fitness festival the first time around don’t miss out the next time! I LOVED it. So much fun to get moving and do things I normally wouldn’t do with friends that build you up and inspire you to work harder. Fit, Free and Happy is such a huge motivator! Good job doing life right!
— Lindsey J.
The Indy Fitness Festival was a wonderful experience! I loved being able to try out multiple studios in downtown Indy and meeting like-minded fitness fanatics! My favorite studio was Cirque Indy where I was able to attend both the intro to aerial skills and fundamental static trapeze classes. I’ve since joined Fire Eye Fitness and attend weekly with the friends I made during the fitness festival!
— Rebecca